May 12, 2023

4 Tips for Travel Nurse to Follow When Changing Locations

The need for travel nurses has increased immensely over the last three years due to COVID-19. With many nurses traveling every few months or even just a couple of times a year, it can often become overwhelming. Along with starting in a location that may be new to them, travel nurses have to get to know the area, meet new coworkers, and find new housing.

Not only do travel nurses have to adjust to a new home and work environment, they also have to take care of things back home like their house, family, and any other priorities that may occur while traveling.

While being a travel nurse has its perks, it can be a challenge to continuously switch from location to location. Travel nurses may look for helpful tips to help make their transition easier. If you’re a travel nurse or are interested in becoming one, continue reading for additional tips.

1. Review Your Contract Thoroughly

While accepting a new position for your next travel assignment, make sure that you’re reading through the contract carefully. You’ll want to ensure that it has all the correct information so you can move forward. The contract should include the following:

  • What are the start and end dates of your contract?
  • How long will your shifts be?
  • Is overtime offered?
  • What is your hourly rate for your assigned shifts?
  • If you’re working a holiday or overtime, what is the additional pay?
  • How much will you receive for your housing stipend?

If there is any information missing from your contract, you’ll have to get it updated before agreeing and signing. This will protect you from anything that could potentially happen, like pay cuts, shift changes, or adjusted start/end dates. If anything needs to change, your manager will have to contact you to make sure that you’re aware and still agree to everything.

2. Secure Your Housing

Before you move to your new work assignment, it’s important you have housing secured. Based on your housing stipend that you’ll receive through your contract, that can help you pick the best place that’ll fit your budget. Not only will you have to keep the rent in mind, but also your other bills and finances. While traveling, it’s important to properly keep a budget of all of your expenses, especially if you’re interested in buying a home once your contract is up.

Creating a budget for yourself will not only help you to not overspend, but ensure financial stability through a period of your life that can, at times feel, a bit unstable. After traveling to different locations, you may find an area that you’d like to eventually settle down in, and you want to be sure you’re setting yourself up to financially qualify for future purchases like a home.

3. Take Care of Your Home

If you have another home where you mainly live, make sure it’s being cared for while you’re traveling to your new assigned location. If your significant other, family member, or close friend is able to take care of the house, that’ll help to relieve a lot of stress. If you don’t have someone to look after your house, consider hiring a house sitter, or renting it out. A house sitter can look after your property while you’re away and make sure that it’s being maintained properly.

Renting out your main home can also be an option while you are away on a travel assignment. If you choose to rent out your house, make sure that it’s up-to-date and that there are no interior or exterior issues. You may consider also renting it out through Furnished Finder to other travel nurses on who are assigned to your area. If you’re renting out your house, make sure to hire a team to come clean and care for your home. This will not only alleviate your stress, but it will also decrease any stress you might feel when preparing your home for rent.

4. Maintain Health and Wellness

While being a travel nurse can have its perks, it can also be hard to maintain your mental and physical health. Taking care of patients day in and day out can take a toll on your mental health as you’re witnessing different cases and also adjusting to a new hospital setting every couple of months. Making sure to take time for yourself is crucial and will help you stay afloat.

If you’re consistently traveling, it can be hard to work out regularly. Consider going for walks or even just getting outside every day for some fresh air. You may also follow online workouts to get your body moving and keep in shape. Working out can not only help your physical health, but it can help your mental health immensely. Finding a hobby that you can do while traveling too may be another great option. Whether it's reading, binging TV shows, coloring, or even crocheting, it can help to take your mind off of work for a bit.

While being a travel nurse can be exhilarating, it can also be challenging while you travel to new locations and hospitals. On the other side of things being a travel nurse can open up many opportunities for you and allow you to visit places you wouldn’t normally travel to. As the need for travel nurses continues to grow, here at Furnished Finder we will keep you updated with important news and information on this booming industry.

Author : FF Team