May 9, 2017

Furnished Finder: A place for Travel Nurses and Property Owners.

Great Tenants

We realized some time ago that housing is always the X-factor when it comes to making travel nursing memorable and profitable. Corporate housing companies think that travel nurses are cash cows, but nothing can be further from the truth! Stipend nurses, by definition, always work on a budget which is why Furnished Finder doesn’t mark-up rent or charge booking fees. In fact, our services are always totally free for the travel nurse!

Furnished Finder is a reliable source for travel nurses to find affordable short-term/furnished housing options. A traveler starts by submitting a free housing request on our site so property owners, who frequently rent to travel nurses, can tell them their availability. Travelers can also search our map where they can see all of our inventory and contact our property owners directly. We know how much time and effort travelers dedicate to finding housing for each assignment, so we put all the short-term/furnished housing options in one place.

We also learned that when there’s a middle-man in the housing process, rental prices go up and the quality goes down. This is why Furnished Finder travelers book directly with our owners! When they go direct...they save money every time! The rent you see on our listings, is exactly what our property owners charge. A 5-15% markup (or more in some cases) is common among traditional corporate housing companies, but we knew that if we were going to position ourselves with the travel nurse community, we had to have a model without mark-up’s!

We’ve also partnered with IHG hotels to save our travelers money on 30+ day hotel stays, and we’re currently in a limited test with Extended Stay America. Another allied partner is Express Furniture Rental, who we’ve been working with for years, to provide our travelers discounts on furniture rental as well.

Free Services Provided to Travel Nurses

We have other features dedicated to the travel nurse as well which they seem to like such as:

  • Free Housing Requests.
  • Dedicated housing coordinators to assist in their search.
  • Discounts on Hotels and Furniture Rentals.
  • Free Owner Verification Report - we want ALL travelers to be safe, no matter where they find their housing!
  • Free premium listings for travel nurses (who want to rent their home to other travelers when they’re on assignment).
  • Full access to our entire inventory of monthly housing providers.
  • No booking fees or commissions...ever!

Online Housing Scams

Online housing fraud is a real problem for our travelers; we polled a hundred travel nurses and we surprised at what we uncovered:

  • 44% of travel nurses have rented a place from Craigslist.
  • 33% of travelers have been scammed (or almost scammed) on Craigslist.
  • 49% said they know at least one person who’s been scammed on Craigslist!

Tammy Purcell is a travel nurse who was about to book a place she found on CL when she submitted a free owner-verification request on Furnished Finder. After she received her report, she realized that the guy she was speaking with was not the owner on record with the county. In addition, she found out that the house was just listed For Sale as well! A lot of the fraud happens when a property is in transition (like a foreclosure or a sale) which was certainly the case with that Colorado Springs, CO furnished 3 bedroom/2 bath house. That Free report save Tammy over $1500. Read Her Review Here

We want all travelers to be safe and protected when they’re traveling for matter where they find their housing. There’s no cost or membership required - if you suspect you’re being scammed, submit a free Owner-Verification Report where Furnished Finder will provide you with the owner’s name on record with the count, and other property-specific data that any owner should know.

Property Owner List Their Furnished Rental.

Property owners list their furnished rental on our site because they know we’re connected with over 45,000 nurses and over 100 medical staffing companies. We have a Free-Basic listing where property owners can list their property and upload images so travel nurses can find them on our site and call directly to book. Premium listing holders get more travel nurse tenants from us because they’re able to participate in our notification network. So when a travel nurse submits a housing request that matches their listing, premium listing are alerted.

We keep it very inexpensive for private property owners to market their property to travel nurses and are a very unique way to advertise furnished units directly to a robust industry of traveling professionals.

Landlords like renting to travel nurses because they make great tenants! They’re educated, employed, and just need a clean place to eat, crash, and get ready for their next assignment. A travel nurse represents a stable tenant for 13 weeks which is attractive to a lot of landlords that rent short term because it means less turnover (time/money) and more predictability (longer term leases compared to an Airbnb/VRBO model).

Our Community

We’re excited to be able to support this incredible community of travelers and are humbled every time we receive an email from a traveler thanking us when they find that perfect place. As mentioned earlier, housing can make or break an assignment, and since the majority of travelers are taking the stipend vs. company housing, it’s important that travelers can rely on Furnished Finder for their short term housing for every assignment. We’re humbled and grateful to be able to serve travel nurses nationwide!

Brian Payne

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