March 10, 2016

Alternative to VRBO & HomeAway

Are you looking for an alternative to VRBO or HomeAway? Have you considered renting your furnished property as corporate rental? Maybe Furnished Finder is for you? When you list your furnished rental on FurnishedFinder, travelers can find your property and reach out to you directly! Likewise, when they submit a housing request online, or inquire about the availability, you’ll be alerted immediately. Prices are lower than other listing sites, and are currently being offered at 50% (limited time). is pleased to announce the launch of their white label map to their partners in the medical staffing industry. Many travelers prefer to take the housing stipend; this gives travelers more control over the housing they receive and an opportunity to retain any extra monies tax free -- it also helps medical staffing companies minimize the overall expense of offering company housing. Furnished Finder already has 10 major partners who are using their housing data in this capacity, and are now in a position to expand their partnerships via the use of their short term housing data as a valuable resource for their client’s travelers and recruiters.

Traveling professionals such as travel nurses and other business travelers look to FurnishedFinder for corporate housing. If you’re a property owner, not only can you find tenants on FurnishedFinder, but since they are a large consumer of corporate housing as well, they may actually rent your place for one of their in-house travelers! Travelers can search their site for housing, or elect to allow a FurnishedFinder housing coordinator manage everything for them. You can list for free as well, but your listing wouldn’t be visible to the public (only internally for their use).

At a very attractive price point, this site may prove to be extremely helpful for property owners who are looking for a new place to find tenants. With a 30 day minimum and an average stay of about 90 days, this could be a breath of fresh air for the vacation rental owner who’s turning over their property a few times a week.


Good luck & good renting