February 23, 2018

Extended Stay Hotels in these states are gearing up to accept more travel nurses thanks to the Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC)

eNLC states

The eNLC now opens up 26 more states for travel nurses to practice under the same license. This means that extended stay hotels (and other property types) in these states may see more volume from traveling nurses.

The eNLC has been active about a month now… What is your hotel doing to attract travel nurses?

According to the the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN), the goal is to increase access to care while maintaining all current patient protection mechanisms already in place. Of course travel nurses who have, or apply for, a multistate license still have to meet the same requirements including a federal and state criminal background check. But from a hotelier's perspective, there is opportunity here that can increase room nights just by tapping into the traveling nurse market.

Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact

"More and more hotels are joining our platform, and we suspect that it's partly because of the eNLC."


"More and more hotels are joining our platform," said Cami Narino, a hotel listing specialist at Furnished Finder, "and we suspect that it's partly because of the eNLC."

Furnished Finder is a housing site specifically for travel nurses where extended stay hotels (and other property types) can list their property, and start having conversations with travel nurses coming to their area for work. "Since we're a subscription model, hotels book stays directly without booking fees or commissions which our hoteliers seem to really like", says Narino.

To make sure your hotel is in the travel nurse network, start a conversation with a listing specialist at today!

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