August 27, 2020

Furnished Finder Featured as a Top Resource for Travel Nurses

As the travel nurse industry grows, so do the options for tools related to travel nursing. From websites to Facebook groups to apps, there are a plethora of different platforms that claim to simplify the stressors of working as a travel nurse.

That’s why we were so proud at Furnished Finder to be featured by as one of the top ten apps and sites for travel nurses.

Furnished Finder Mobile App

Travel Nurse Stipend Calculator

As a travel nurse myself, I wish I had known about this tool sooner. Instead of doing a rough estimate of housing costs by sifting through Facebook listings or compiling a few numbers from different sites, let the calculator do the work for you.

Travel Nurse Stipend Calculator

This tool even gives you specifics, such as the likelihood of finding pet friendly housing, will you have your own bathroom in most places, and is there a washer and dryer on site. All of this information is extremely helpful, especially if you have specific requirements for what type of housing you choose to rent while on contract.

San Francisco Property Stats

Travel Nurse Staffing Agency Feedback

With hundreds of companies to choose from when finding a travel nurse contract, it can be overwhelming to decide who to work with, especially if you are new to the field. Furnished Finder now has a page dedicated solely to information regarding different agencies and their reputations within the industry. Each company has a quick overview and a pros and cons list to help you decide which one is the best fit for you. The list is not all-inclusive (like I mentioned, there are almost too many companies to name) but it does cover most of the major players in the travel nurse industry.

Housing Request Tool

If you prefer to do minimal leg work when finding housing but want to reap the benefits of taking a stipend instead of company housing,the Housing Request Tool is perfect for you. With this tool you are able to specify exactly what you want in a space, and your request is automatically sent to landlords whose properties fit the bill. Housing offers will come to you instead of the other way around, which can be nice if you are feeling a lot of other stressors at work or in your personal life. Once you have secured housing, simply update your profile to reflect this and landlords will be able to see that you no longer need to be approached.

Travel Nurse Education

Not only does Furnished Finder provide all of these housing-specific resources, but we also strive to create high quality educational content for nurses learning to ropes of the travel industry. Whether you need to learn about compact licensing , how to stay safe as a travel nurse, or how to pack like a minimalist pro, you can learn about it on the Furnished Finder website.

As a leader in the travel nurse housing industry we are committed to creating a platform and content that are relevant to YOU--the travel nurse. Our goal is to help make all parts of the travel nurse career field a little easier by helping you not only find high quality, safe housing, but by also providing tools to help you enjoy every aspect of your career as a traveler. That way nurses working all over the country can have the time and energy to give the best care possible to the patients that they serve.

Alex McCoy, BSN, RN

Alex McCoy, BSN, RN

Alex is a pediatric travel nurse and the content manager of Furnished Finder. After traveling for four years with her husband, a physical therapist they recently welcomed a daughter, Jade, into their crazy travel family. Read more articles from Alex on Furnished Finder or Travel Nurse Housing, or read about her previous travels here. Have an idea you would love to share with fellow travel nurses or landlords? Be sure to email her at