March 17, 2020

Furnished Finder Reaches the 200 Review Mark and Maintains a 4.9 out of 5.0 Rating.

Furnished Finder and its sister site, Travel Nurse Housing, has achieved another milestone. With thousands of users and a network of landlords and travel nurses all over the country, Furnished Finder has reached the 200 review mark on Google and the responses have been overwhelmingly positive. It is clear that both sites are addressing the needs of hosts and nurses and providing a safe and effective platform that allows everyone to connect and enjoy a better rental experience. Here is what just a few of the reviewers had to say:

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“Furnished Finder is an excellent site for traveling professionals. It seems to have been set up for medical professionals but ideal for anyone seeking 30+ days. The landlord pays the fee to list and it is free for people seeking housing. An improvement would be to create a better way to search more options/amenities (private vs shared bathroom, kitchen or laundry access, private entrance, smoking allowed, etc)”. - carlin20874

It is true that Furnished Finder caters to travel nurses, but the site is perfect for anyone who is looking for short-term, fully furnished housing. The other good news is that FF is always working to improve search features and other site functionalities to streamline the entire process of finding the perfect housing.

“Cute, cozy and clean Townhouse. This is my second winter working in Fort Lauderdale and has been an awesome experience! Working at Holy Cross which was less than 10 minute commute. Also 10 minutes from the nearest beach and the infamous Las Olas Blvd. Host very accommodating and always a text away if I needed anything.” - Liza Perez

For travelers, proximity to work, attractions and other amenities is a top priority. Fortunately, there are plenty of housing options in cities across the country that will allow nurses to cut down on commute times. In larger cities with a strong transportation system, nurses can even leave their car at home and not have to worry about maintenance and parking.

“Furnished Finder was a god send for me, I didn't know where to look for housing and then I ran upon them. I was able to find housing the same day and was glad I used this site. The owner was friendly and very helpful with getting around in the area. I am so grateful to Furnished Finders and will use them on my next assignment.” - Margaret Robinsons

Moving to a new city and starting an assignment can be an intimidating process, especially for those who are new to travel nursing. Fortunately, Furnished Finder is able to take all the guesswork out of finding housing and provide a convenient platform for healthcare professionals.

“Wonderful experiences, easy to use, they suggested INCREDIBLE landlords and rentals for my assignments in California. Will use again, highly recommend to friends and colleagues.” - Katherine Barter

One of the main benefits of using Furnished Finder and Travel Nurse Housing is that travel nurses are able to find the perfect fit when it comes to landlords and housing. Every property is listed by someone who wants to support traveling healthcare professionals. That means great landlords and an overall better experience when travelers are on assignment.\

“I just wanted to say y'all are doing an amazing job keeping this website up and running and providing alternative living situations for travelers. I'm so thankful I found this site. Thank you for building this up. Keep it up!!” - Zikra Toure

With hundreds of positive reviews from both travelers and hosts, Furnished Finder and Travel Nurse Housing are clearly revolutionizing the travel nurse industry.

What Hosts Have to Say about Their Experience

“I have found great tenants with Furnished Finder. The nurses stay usually 13 weeks and they have been respectable and they have taken care of the property very well. My calendar is full because of Furnished Finder.” - Kathleen Zamsky

Some landlords worry about the turnover time when it comes to renting to travel nurses, but with Furnished Finder, hosts can avoid vacancies and rent to professionals who will leave the property in good condition.

“My experience with Furnished Finder so far has been a positive one. I was able to find Traveling Professionals quickly and I am confident renting to them. I was and am very hesitant to make my property to Airbnb as you truly have no idea who are renting to. I understand there is always a risk for me and for them but it is definitely a more calculated risk! Thank you” - Sherry Stapf-Tolisano

For those with extra rooms or entire homes available to rent, using vacation rental sites can be a toss of a coin. Landlords who cater to travel nurses can enjoy the peace of mind that they are renting to a professional who is coming into town to work. In addition, all travel nurses go through an application and background check process before they are hired, so any rental applicant has already been vetted.

“Furnished Finder is an amazing site. They screen the people - mostly nurses and others in the healthcare field who are looking for housing ---- and they screen the property owners. Their application is very well written and easy to fill out - and the few times I emailed them - and called on the phone - they responded quickly and professionally. I just rented a room to a female physical therapist from Missouri and she's adorable - and sweet. I highly recommend FF. $149/year is a BARGAIN!!!!!” - Sandy Rose

With Furnished Finder, the landlord pays to have their property listed, which means that travel nurses don’t have to worry about booking fees. They can simply visit the site, search properties and directly contact landlords with properties that check all their boxes. This creates a mutually beneficial experience for both parties involved.

“I've been very happy with Furnished Finder. I've used other sites for years, but this one is far more organized and well tended than others. It's less expensive for owners, free for travelers, and the HELP desk really has been helpful instead of sending me in circles. I'm spreading the word.” - Janet Hartman

While there are certainly other sites where landlords can list their properties, Furnished Finder and Travel Nurse Housing are backed by an excellent support team. Users can expect prompt responses from a dedicated help desk that is prepared to answer questions and address any issues. Whether you call them, send an email or use the live chat feature, you don’t have to wait very long for a response.

“I am rather new to the listing of properties. This site facilitates from the renters and the landlords perspectives very effectively. I have appreciated the messages from Furnished Finders encouraging me how to improve my listing and how the site becomes more user friendly. My friends and I who use this valuable tool will certainly pass this good news to other landlords and potential tenants.” - Jim L.

For landlords who are new to hosting travel nurses, both Furnished Finder and Travel Nurse Housing provide plenty of informative resources that will help improve every experience. Whether hosts need tips for how to set up your property to attract travel nurses or travelers want information on how to avoid scams, both sites offer comprehensive articles. Users can also subscribe to weekly emails for all the latest news.

Have You been to Furnished Finder lately?

There are plenty more reviews to browse through and you can visit the sites directly to get a better feel for how they work and why they have become so popular among travelers and hosts. Whether you need help finding housing for your next travel nurse assignment or you are a landlord looking to get the most out of your properties, Furnished Finder and Travel Nurse Housing can help. Safe travels and happy hosting.