March 9, 2022

How to Feel Great About Your Money in the New Year as a Travel Nurse

How are people still saying “stop wasting your money on starbucks” and calling it “advice”?

It’s not advice. These are outdated “tips & tricks” that play on your emotions, and make you feel guilty for investing in yourself.

The person who told you that latte is going to “hold you back financially”, probably also thinks “it must be nice to only work 3 or 4 times a week”

These people don’t get what nursing is - or that NOT having your $5 coffee is only “holding you back” from being a functioning human in report.

But that’s the thing - people who don’t understand nursing, are the same people who write and develop financial resources.

Nursing is your career - and you should not feel guilty about spending your income on things that you love. Over at NurseWallet, we help you do just that by creating your own money care plan.

Key to Money Confidence: Focus on BIG WINS

1) Accept your debt, and feel good about the plan to pay it off.
  • Thinking about your loans isn’t fun BUT
  • Your loans opened the door to you being the rockstar nurse you are
  • The first step is getting a handle on how much you owe and making a plan to pay it off
  • NurseWallet does the hard work for you and finds you ways to save time and money on your loans
2) Invest in your future (yes - nurses do retire)
  • Investing is not just for finance bros - we promise
  • Putting just small amount of money away each month is the cheat code to financial freedom
  • With NurseWallet - we take care of all the hard stuff – all you have to do is put in a little money each month and watch it grow over time
3) B*lls. (they’re like standing monthly orders on your life)
  • Living your life costs money (e.g. rent, food, etc.). We call those your standing costs
  • Focusing on trying to save $3 here and there won’t make a big difference on your finances
  • They key is to figure out what your standing costs are each month
  • From there - accept that amount of money as “gone” each month, and just keep living your life.

Don’t let the financial jargon intimidate you

You’re smart – so smart that you’re able to translate complicated medical jargon into plain, emotionally-sensitive, language. You know it, we know it, but other personal finance apps or services don’t know it.

There is so much misinformation, jargon and BS out there when it comes to advice about your money. What happens is, we start to tell ourselves lies about what we can and can’t do about our money. For example:

  • “I can’t even think about my money - I have too much debt”
  • “I don’t make enough money to invest”
  • “I don’t need to think about money until I stop traveling”

The truth about your money

By focusing on big wins, you can stop stressing about the details and actually make an impact on your financial future. Doing this sets you up to spend on things that make you feel good GUILT FREE.

There is so much emotional capital to gain when you figure out your money. Let this be the year you finally feel GOOD investing in yourself.

Bridget Burke, BSN,

Bridget Burke, BSN,

Head Nurse at NurseWallet

Bridget is a pediatric nurse, Head Nurse at NurseWallet and self proclaimed “hype woman” for nurses across the country. A year into her nursing career, she was burnt out, broke, and out of work for a month due to COVID-19. Then, she joined the NurseWallet team to build the first financial system designed specifically to empower nurses . Instead of guilt and shame, she believes nurses can feel confident about their money. It is her mission to build a world where nurses receive the support they deserve.