March 21, 2017
Furnished Finder Helps Protect Travel Nurses From Housing Scams With a New FREE Owner Verification Report.

Online housing scams are out of control which lead to immediate loss and lasting damages. Traveler safety and security are our highest priorities, so it's no wonder that we're investing our efforts where it can help our travelers the most. Furnished Finder now offers our travelers a FREE Owner Verification Report which will tell you the name of the owner on record, if there is any pending foreclosure, and other property-specific information. There is simply no better information available as our real-time data comes directly from each county’s local database!

This report is not intended for the properties listed on our site, but since we realize that Furnished Finder isn’t your only resource for furnished housing, we’d like you to be protected wherever you find housing. So the next time you're not entirely sure if a housing offer is real, or you just want a second opinion before you send a check for your move-in costs, get a FREE Owner Verification Report on Furnished Finder!(You can find it under the Travelers tab on our site).

A report will only be provided for private property owners and does not account for the common practice of subletting. You still have the final say in what to do, but now you have a housing partner on your side to provide you with real, actionable information that can save you thousands. We wish our travel nurses the safest travels possible, and now the FREE Owner Verification Report can make that into a reality. The FTC also has some important consumer warnings to avoid rental listing scams.

Travel nurses can submit housing requests Here.

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Travel Nurses can verify propery ownership Here.