November 8, 2015

Pet Friendly Furnished Housing

If you own a pet and have a career that requires traveling, then you know how difficult it is to find pet friendly furnished apartments. Luckily the good people here at Furnished Finder have been working tirelessly adding furnished properties that allow pets. There is a filter on the map function that you can search by that will filter out the properties that do not allow pets.

Once you have found a property, please be aware that the property owner will probably be charging more in rent or a higher security deposit. We have seen properties that would normally have a security deposit of 500.00 now require 1000.00 and it is purely because of our furry little friends. Let’s face it though, it is definitely worth a few extra bucks to get our friends on the road with us.

Also, many property owners will automatically charge a much higher mandatory cleaning fee that will be non-refundable. Unfortunately if you want to stay at that particular property there is really not much you can do.

Another option that you may want to consider is staying at an Extended Stay America Hotel. The chain allows for pets at most if not all of their locations nationwide. The hotel site locations are again available on the furnished finder map.

Sometimes you can find pet friendly furnished condos that are owned by individual property owners that you may be able to talk into allowing a pet for a higher fee. Airbnb is a good resource for finding pet friendly furnished units with one exception. Most of the properties are weekend vacation rentals and do not rent out by the month. So you will spend a lot of time on properties that are already booked. Again, another reason why Furnished Finder is such a great resource. All properties located on the map are 30 day minimum properties.

Many furnished housing property landlords put breed restrictions on the digs. It usually consists of Rottweilers, Pit bulls, Dobermans, German shepherds, Chows, and sometimes Boxers. These are by far and away the most difficult pets to find furnished housing for. The landlords say that they don’t want the additional liability of large dogs. Sometimes you will also see weigh limits of 25 pounds or less allowed.

Pet friendly furnished housing can be challenging but not impossible. Please feel free to check our FREE map of furnished properties where you can sort by pets.