Who wants Starbucks? The first 50 people will each win a $20.00 Starbucks gift card!


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2. Then submit the 3 most recent properties you've stayed in with remarks & reviews here:  SUBMIT A PROPERTY NOW
(You see -- the more properties and reviews you submit, the better the Furnished Finder Map is for you & the entire Traveling Nurse community!)
Pssst! I've got a hint about the next contest as well -- We know you can review and share property information on our map....but most aren't aware you can also REVIEW HOSPITALS as well! Get started and there may be something else coming down the road for the top contributors. 

Contest rules and prizes

1.)    The first 50 people to enter 3 qualified properties from anywhere in the nation will win a $20.00 gift card to Starbucks  (Property complexes must be furnished or unfurnished but MUST accept short term leases of 3 months or less) 

2.)    Properties cannot be counted twice, so to get credit for the property, you must submit it first and it must not already be on our map!  CHECK OUR MAP FIRST TO MAKE SURE IT IS NOT THERE BEFORE SUBMITTING A PROPERTY.

3.)    If we receive a pattern of properties that do not qualify (See qualifying properties below) you will be disqualified from the contest for wasting our time while we were trying to do something cool for you! 

        (We do not want a spam list of apartment complexes in the hopes that some qualify. We want quality properties only.  Properties that will benefit YOU in the future as you look for housing! )

4.)    Once you submit a property it MUST be accompanied by a Thorough & Honest review of it. (It's all about giving your fellow peers an insight into that property which will help them make up there mind.  We want the review whether is good or bad!)

5.)    Limit: 1 card per traveler per contest.


Qualifying properties rules

1.)    The property is Fully furnished OR  unfurnished but MUST offer short term leases (3 months or less.) 

2.)    The Property must be considered a Multi-Unit complex. (Sorry no individual property owners like condos or houses allowed, although we would still like to know about them so we can put them on the map!)

3.)    Roughly in budget for what a traveling nurse’s stipend would be! (We don’t want to post properties that will be of no use to traveling nurses and completely destroy their budget. Those totally unrealticly priced $$$$$ properties will not count

4.)    Properties on our map or that have been already submitted ahead of your property will not count. (Be the first to submit the property if you want the credit!)

FurnishedFinder will be vetting all the properties and will make the final determination if it counts as a “qualified” property.  During and at the end of the contest, Furnished Finder will upload all the properties to our map located at www.FurnishedFinder.com for all to benefit. The properties will continue to be organized by “furnished or unfurnished but offers a short term lease” “pets accepted” “utilities included” and provide pictures when available!