Traveling Nurses

How does this work?
Do you charge the traveler?
Is there a minimum stay?
How do I book a property?
I just submitted a housing request...now what?
Why did it ask for my cell phone carrier?
I found a place on another site and I want to make sure it’s not a scam. Can you help me?
What if my assignment cancels and I need to leave early?
Why do we list a small percentage of unfurnished properties on our map?
Can I report a property?


 Property Owners

Do you specialize in Traveling nurses for your traffic?
Can I get notified when a travel nurse is coming to my area?
Can I list a room?
How is this different than vacation rental or home-sharing sites?
Does my property need to be close to a hospital?
I’m new to this; how should I prepare my unit for a travel nurse?
Do travelers ever bring a pet?
How do I screen the tenant?
Can I accept online rent payments?
Who do I collect rent from?
Should I charge a deposit ?
What can I do to make my listing stand out?
Is there a process I need to go through to be approved?
What’s involved in listing my property and are there any fees?
What’s your refund policy?
Can I list my property if it’s unfurnished?
What’s the best way to contact the travelers?
Can I list my Hotel or Apartment Complex?
How do I secure a tenant?
Can I manage my calendar with iCal?
I want to make sure to capture the travel nurses coming to a nearby city. Can I do that?
Can I make edits to my listing?
I don’t want to renew my listing. What do I do?
I rented my place and don’t want to get notifications for a couple months. How can I update my notification settings?
If I update my calendar to show I don’t have availability for a while, will the listing still be active on the map?
If I sign up, can I list with other sites as well?
What do I do once I receive a travel nurse housing request?