4.0 How to Create Your Listing


4.1. Welcome Email. your email Inbox to find a welcome email from Furnished Finder that lists your login credentials, (be sure and check your spam folder if the email isn't in your Inbox):


4.2 Login to your Dashboard. Go to www.furnishedfinder.com and click on the white and gray 'Profile Icon':


a) Enter your username or e-mail and your password and then click "Login":


4.3 Set up Your Profile. When you log in you will see this notification, click on "Set Up My Profile". Your profile is about you! Update your profile to let potential renters know who you are. Travelers will read your profile and help determine if your housing is a good fit for them. Travelers are more likely to rent from a property owner that has a completed profile.


(a) Upload a Profile Picture. Click on "Choose File" to upload a photo from your computer, and complete the information required.


(b) Describe Your Rental Policies. Type directly into the box to describe your rental policies. Fill in your name and address. Then, click on "My Dashboard":


4.4 Your Dashboard. Your Dashboard is what you normally see first when you log into the platform. From your dashboard you can view your paid properties, check tenant leads and messages, edit your listing, and edit your profile.


4.5 Edit Your Listing. To edit your listing, login to your Dashboard and click on "Edit Listing". You'll start by updating the "Contact Info" section and continue to "Location", "Details", "Amenities", and so on, completing all the key details about your property. Please see the steps as listed below. After you complete a section, click "Save" and then move on to the next section. Your listing is not complete (and not visible on our map to travelers) until all the "Edit Listing" sections are completed and your listing has been approved (typically happens the same day - sometimes longer over weekends).


4.6 Edit Contact Info. Click on "Contact Info" to the left of your screen. The FIRST thing you need to do is give your property a "headline". A headline is a catchy or descriptive phrase about your property that will attract travelers, e.g. "Cute Condo by the Sea" or "Spacious Basement with Private Entry". Click on the box next to "Property Headline" and type a name for your property. Then click "Save".


4.7 Edit Location. Click on the "Location" link to the left of your screen. Please choose the Property Type, select the Zip Code and make sure the property maps correctly. If it doesn't, you can move the pin manually. Scroll down and fill out the information about the closest hospitals. Then click "Save" at the top and continue to the "Details" section of your listing. Please note: the property address fields cannot be changed from your dashboard for security purposes. Contact us or start a chat if you need to make a change.



4.8 Edit the Details About Your Listing. Click on the "Details" link to the left of your screen. This section covers the specifics about your property. Enter the information required. At the bottom, you can add any fees you want to include, like deposits or cleaning fees. You can also "Add Another Unit" if you have more than one space available under one roof, e.g. rooms in a house or a duplex/triplex. Extra units (under the same roof) are not full price (63% off) and gives you a separate calendar, description, and images so you can manage each unit individually. When completed, click "Save" and continue to the "Amenities" section:



4.9 Edit Amenities on Your Listing. Click on the "Amenities" link on the left of your screen. Please check the boxes for the amenities that apply to your property. Remember to write a description at the bottom. Be as detailed as possible. The more information the better! Please do not put personal contact information in this box. Click on "Save" and continue to the "Photos" section:


4.10 Edit Photos for Your Listing. Click on the "Photos" link to the left of your screen. Click on "Drop Files here or click to upload" to upload your property photos to the platform. When uploaded, your photos will be viewed below in the gray box under the heading "Current photos". We are accepting png, jpg, jpeg, and gif file format and which have no size limit. You can rotate your photos by clicking on circular arrows on the upper corners of each photo. To change the order of your photos, click/hold an image and drag it to the desired location. You can also set a caption for each photo, select your Featured Image or delete photos. After uploading the images, click on "Save" and continue to the "Calendar" section:


4.11 Edit the Calendar for Your Listing. Click on the "Calendar" link to the left of your screen. You will see two calendar options for updating your calendar. It is important to update your availability so that your listing gets higher search ranking and travelers can find your property easier. If you click on the calendar on the left, you can either click on a specific date to show availability on that date or click the "My Property is Available Now" button. You can also click the right iCal calendar and sync your calendar with your AirBnb or VRBO iCal. Once completed, continue to the "Notifications" section.


4.12 Edit the Notifications for Your Listing. Click on the "Notifications" link to the left of your screen. You can adjust your "Email Notifications" for new tenant leads, as well as the "Match Criteria" and "Search Radius for Housing Requests. You can pause all notifications, choose to receive only direct messages (instead of general requests for housing in your area) and can also click a box to temporarily hide your listing (if it's occupied and no longer needs advertising.) Once completed, please click "Save" and continue to the "Listing Status" section:


4.13 Listing Status. Click on the "Listing Status" link to the left of your screen. Here you will find your listing status. Your listing status could be any of the following: awaiting approval*, approved, incomplete, or complete. If your property listing is incomplete, you will see all of the missing fields listed. Please finish each incomplete section so that your listing will be visible on our map to travelers. When your listing is complete, your status will read, "Your listing is complete and visible to travelers.


*After you sign-up for our service, your property goes through an approval process to verify ownership. We use independent means to verify ownership and the process usually happens within the same day or within 12-48 hours (over the weekend.)