Update Your Availability Automatically!

Sync your property with your VRBO iCalendar



Now keeping your property availability up to date is even easier then before. If you already have your property listed on VRBO, we can now update your next property availability automatically! 

Sync your property now!


1 Get your VRBO iCal Link

  1. Log in to your VRBO account through Owner Login and select your property.
  2. Click on Calendars and then on Reservations on the left pane to access your Reservations Calendar.
  3. Click on the Import/Export Calendar icon on the top right corner of the page.
  4. Select Export Calendar from the drop-down options.
  5. Copy the URL found on the subsequent dialog box.


2 Add your link to Furnished Finder

  1. Log in to your Furnished Finder account and go to your Dashboard.
  2. Click Update Calendar on your dashboard or expand Edit Listing on the left pane and click Calendar.
  3. From the Editing Calendar for drop-down menu on the right pane, select the property you want to add the VRBO iCal link to.
  4. From the list below the property number, click the unit you want to add the VRBO iCal link to.
  5. Click on Sync my calendar with my Airbnb or VRBO iCal.
  6. Copy the VRBO iCal URL into the VRBO iCal box.
  7. Click the Save button.


Thats it!

Once you have added your VRBO iCalender link, we will keep your property availabilty on Furnished Finder synced with your VRBO calendar!