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Just some of our Traveling Healthcare Staffing companies that use Furnished Finder to find travel nurse housing:

50 States Staffing
Alliant Nurse Staffing
American Traveler Staffing Professionals
Aureus Medical Group
Aya Health
Bestaff / USA Staffing Services
Cirrus Medical
Club Staffing
CoreMedical Group
Cross Country TravCorps
Delta Healthcare Providers
Emerald Health Solutions
Fastaff Travel Nursing
Fresenius Medical Services Fusion Medical Staffing
Healthcare Travel
HOST healthcare
Liquid Agents
Medical Solutions
Medical Staff Sol
Medical Staffing Network
Medical Staffing Solutions
MedSource Travelers
MedStaff Healthcare Solutions
Next Medical
Nightngale Nurses
Nurse choice
ProCare One
Procel Nurses
Protocol Ex staff
Randstad Healthcare
Rise Medical Staffing
RN network
Royal Care Medical Staffing
Sharp Medical
Springboard Healthcare Staffing
Stabilty Healthcare
Supplemental Healthcare
Tailored Healthcare staffing

and many more...

-Over 1 Million Travel Nurse Searches & Housing Requests a Year
-100's of the Largest Medical Staffing Housing Cooordinators Search our Properties
-Average Length of Stay 92 Days
-Learn about the Demand For Travel Nurses in your area

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What’s involved in listing my property and are there any fees?
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If I sign up, can I list with other sites as well?
What do I do once I receive a travel nurse housing request?