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  • Greater than 6 Million Searches a Year from Travel Nurses, AHP's, and Locum Tenens
  • 100 Million Unique Page Views a Year
  • Nationwide Map Coverage with 150,000+ Properties Listed

We have API and White Label housing data solutions.

The Furnished Finder White Label Housing Solution is the easiest way to instantly have a map of furnished housing options for your client right on your website. Also, with your logo on the results page, it maintains continuity by keeping the look and feel of your site. And, with all the functionality of our short term furnished rental platform, you or your customers can reach out to our property owners directly to book. The Furnished Finder White Label Housing Solution starts providing value immediately as it keeps users coming back, keeps them on your site longer, and gives you a competitive advantage that your competitors don't have. There is no cost to participate in the White Label Housing Solution - you just need to be approved.

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We can also work with your IT team to customize Furnished Finder data delivery via API Integration. We can provide RESTFUL API endpoints which will return JSON or XML responses to include city, state, property name, property description, amenities, rent, terms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and other specific listing data. If you have a platform or are building a listing platform and would like to include our housing data on your site, please contact us to schedule a consultation. Many times we can do this at no cost. You just need to be approved.

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Integrate with us to display our data on your site

We track all kinds of data and if you have a way of using it on your website, we would love to hear about it. Just some of our data points:

  • Nationwide city by city data
  • Average rents for individual units and rooms
  • Suggested stipend amounts
  • Popularity of cities for travel nurses and other travelers
  • Seasonal and real-time hiring patterns of hospitals
  • Most popular work assignments and so much more!

Have a particular partnership in mind or a great idea that you would like to discuss?

We love new ideas, contact us and we would be happy to have a read through. We look forward to hearing from you!