Travel Nurse Staffing Companies

With so many travel nurse agencies to choose from, picking the right agency can be challenging!

AMN Healthcare

American Mobile Nurses Healthcare was founded in 1985 and was a pioneer in the field of travel nursing. Over the ensuing decades, it has continued to expand, forge partnerships with some of the country’s most prestigious hospitals and become a leader when it comes to creating a company culture that promotes diversity and inclusion.

Part of the AMN’s success can be directly traced back to its willingness to incorporate new technology and constantly work to improve communication with its clients and nurses. In the early days of the internet, AMN recognized the important role email would play in their business and quickly went on to develop the website, which still serves as a trusted source for information about the industry.

Today, AMN is recognized as one of the Best Midsize Employers and is led by Susan Salka, who has been named as one of the Most Influential Women according to CEO Connections. Travel nurses who work for the company report excellent interactions with recruiters, clear communication and ongoing support, which translates into overall job satisfaction. You can visit their site to view available jobs and begin your search.

Pros: AMN is a well-established company and Travel Nurses largely report having a positive experience beginning with the interviews and continuing throughout the placement process. Recruiters work to prepare nurses for interviews and offer support finding housing once a position has been secured.

Cons: Some nurses report that the pay isn’t always proportional to the cost of living in certain areas. This could be negotiated better by the company and is worth taking a closer look at if you want to work in a larger city where housing may be more expensive.

Locations: AMN partners with hospitals across the country.

AMN Job Board

Aya Healthcare

Aya is the top rated staffing company as voted on by travel nurses. They offer a wide variety of assignments in some of the nation’s most popular destinations. Nurses can choose from major cities, including Atlanta, Los Angeles and Palm Beach or small towns, like Marshall, Michigan. Travel nurses report that the company offers excellent pay while also helping employees to achieve a healthy work/life balance.

While some travel nursing companies are known for using high pressure recruiters who don’t deliver on promises, Aya has earned a reputation for transparency and reliability. Travel nurses receive prompt responses from recruiters who are working to secure interviews and find the best possible employment opportunities. They work hard to provide support and make the contract negotiation as smooth as possible.

The Aya corporate offices are located in San Diego and the company is one of the fastest growing staffing companies. It is a great choice for those looking to secure their first travel nursing assignment. Click here to take a closer look at their available positions.

Pros:Aya is not only one of the largest travel nurse staffing companies, it is also the most highly reviewed by employees. The majority of nurses have had an overwhelmingly positive experience and they are likely to recommend the company to a friend.

Cons: Some nurses have reported the company is growing at such a fast pace, that there have been some mistakes made with paperwork and administrative tasks. Fortunately, it looks like any problems have been quickly addressed and corrected.

Locations: Aya places nurses in all 50 states, as well as Washington DC and the Virgin Islands.

Aya Healthcare Job Board


TotalMed Staffing is a medium-sized business that works with travel nurses, different types of therapists and various medical professionals, to help them secure positions across the country. While it might not be the first name in staffing, TotalMed has been working hard to expand. The company was founded in 2005 and is based out of Appleton, WI, although they staff nurses all over the country.

In 2017, TotalMed acquired Valley Healthcare Staffing, Inc., which helped the company improve the application process and streamline communication with employees. This merger provided TotalMed with the ability to better recruit and track applicants while also developing better relationships through management solutions. Ultimately, this allowed TotalMed to take a giant leap into the future of travel nurse staffing and position the company for major growth. Today, the company continues to expand and make improvements.

Pros: The company is extremely customer focused and is in the middle of a period of growth, which means more opportunities for travel nurses and hospitals. In addition, nurses report an overall positive experience.

Cons: TotalMed is still flying below the radar compared to other companies. Despite the fact that they are earning close to $500 million a year in revenue, they are a privately held company, so it is difficult to get a real feel for how they operate.

Locations:TotalMed staffs nurses in locations across the US.

TotalMed Job Board

Travel Nurse Across America (TNAA)

In late 2018, TNAA was voted the best overall travel nurse agency. Experienced travel nurses were asked to consider four main areas when evaluating the nominees: quality of assignments and locations, opportunities for career advancement, employee benefits and relationship with the agency. In addition, an impressive 86% employees would recommend the company to a friend, making it a clearly popular and respected industry leader.

TNAA focuses on finding truly talented nurses and placing them in excellent positions where they have a chance to thrive. The travel aspect of their services is secondary to making sure there is a good professional fit. This approach results in better experiences for everyone involved and high job satisfaction.

Pros: When it comes to finding a company that truly takes care of all its employees and is committed to setting high standards, you really can’t do much better. TNAA is highly respected and the reviews from travel nurses couldn’t be much better.

Cons: It is difficult to find any real complaints from employees. While every employee has a different experience, there are no major patterns that indicate problems at the company. TNAA is a solid choice that you can feel confident about partnering with.

Locations: Staffing services in all 50 states.

TNAA Job Board

Gifted Healthcare

Gifted Healthcare has also earned a reputation for providing an excellent employee experience. A full 95% of employees are pleased enough with the company that they would recommend it to a friend and 97% of employees approve of the CEO and the way they company is run. These are huge numbers for a large, industry leader.

Part of Gifted Healthcare’s success can be traced to their commitment to really listening to their employees and working hard to match them up with the right opportunities. It isn’t just about filling positions and making money. They work to understand the needs and wants of each travel nurse and make sure that they are put in the absolute best situations. This approach has allowed them to recruit top talent and build strong partnerships with premiere hospitals across the country.

Some of their most recents awards and recognitions include: Finalist for the Best Overall Agency Award, Most Traveler-Centric Benefits and Best Career Accelerator.

Pros: From all accounts, Gifted Healthcare is truly a great company to work for. They offer excellent support and match travel nurses with the best opportunities.

Cons: The employee reviews for Gifted are overwhelmingly positive. Gifted has been in business since 2006 and they have simply continued to expand and improve without any major hiccups.

Locations: Positions available in all 50 states.

Gifted Healthcare Job Board

Triage Staffing

Triage Staffing was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. They are a privately held company with an excellent team of recruiters who are looking to hire the most talented nurses and professional healthcare providers. Triage travel nurses enjoy great vision, health and life insurance along with 401K programs and reimbursement for professional development. These perks help the company attract the best nurses in a competitive industry.

When it comes to employee satisfaction, Triage Staffing boasts nearly perfect numbers. Travel nurses report that the recruiting staff is honest, reliable and trustworthy. The company delivers on its promises and offers ongoing support that helps to cultivate loyal nurses. In 2018, The Gypsy Nurse awarded Triage Staffing with the Most Loyal Agency and the Best Assignment Concierge honors.

Pros: They cultivate lasting relationships by treating their nurses with respect and working hard to provide them with a superior travel nursing experience. Triage Staffing has received near perfect reviews from their employees.

Cons: There are no obvious cons to be found. Nurses enjoy excellent support and compensation along with coveted assignments in cities across America.

Locations: Positions available in all 50 states.

Triage Staffing Job Board

Flexcare Medical Staffing

Flexcare was founded in 2006 and is headquarter in Roseville, California. While it is considered a medium sized staffing company, it is a leader in travel nurse staffing. The company also works to find positions for therapists and other clinicians, which has helped the company to develop strong relationships with some of the nation’s leading hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Like many of the other successful staffing companies, Flexcare has worked hard to create a supportive company culture. By understanding and meeting the needs of their travel nurses, they are able to offer excellent services that aren’t solely focused on staffing. This approach helps them to recruit top talent, offer competitive salaries and earn high praise from employees. A full 94% of employees would recommend the company to a friend.

Pros: Flexcare has a reputation for making the interview and placement process as easy as possible and providing travel nurses with excellent pay and housing.

Cons:There are some complaints about complications with contracts and hospitals cancelling agreements at the last minute, but these situations are not unheard of in the industry. The most important thing to consider is how the company handles these difficult situations.

Locations: Positions available in all 50 states.

Flexcare Job Board

Republic Health Resources

Republic Health Resources is a unique travel nursing company because it was founded by a nurse and claims to have to better understanding of the challenges and stressors that travel nurses face. They rely on a Director of Experience to understand different locations and help nurses get the most out of their travel experience. This includes finding affordable housing so that employees can keep more of their earnings.

While the company has received some positive press, there seems to be a mixture of feelings about whether Republic is actually a solid company. The website Travel Nursing Central named Republic as one of the top travel nursing companies, but a quick look at employee reviews across the web reveals dissatisfaction with the leadership. Other companies on this list have an approval rating of 90% or above while just 55% of Republic employees would recommend the company.

Pros:Republic was founded by a nurse, so there is more of a sense of community and understanding among employees.

Cons:Compared to other companies, Republic is relatively new. It was founded in 2012 and based on employee reviews, the company is still working to find their bearings and provide streamlined services that can compete with more established companies. Working with Republic may require more patience.

Locations: Assignments in all 50 states.

Republic Health Resources Job Board

Fastaff Travel Nursing

Fastaff has been in business for over 20 years and they are now one of the fastest growing staffing companies in the country. Reviews from travel nurses reveal that the company has lived up to its claims of providing excellent placement at both world-renowned hospitals and local facilities in cities across the country. Nurses report receiving excellent support from the company and being compensated with above average salaries.

Fastaff has managed to succeed in a competitive field by offering premium pay rates along with a long list of benefits that include: medical, dental and vision insurance, continuing education opportunities and generous housing and travel stipends. The company is also unique because it tends to focus on shorter assignments that range from 4-13 weeks. This allows nurses to experience more travel and professional opportunities.

Pros: Excellent reviews from travel nurses and one of the highest compensation packages.

Cons: Assignments tend to be short, which can result in gaps between appointments and a higher level of stress. This might not be the right approach for everyone.

Locations: Serves all 50 states.

Fastaff Travel Nursing Job Board

Cross Country TravCorps

Cross Country TravCorps is a part of Cross Country Healthcare, which is is one of the largest travel nurse agencies in the country. The company boasts relationships with over 2,500 hospitals in the US and Caribbean. Since Cross Country has been around since 1975, it is a good place to start when looking for travel nurse positions. They have experience negotiating contracts and offer plenty of perks to nurses, including continuing education credits, bonuses and partial tuition reimbursement.

The company has received positive ratings from employees and was named the 2017 Best of Staffing Talent.

Pros: Cross Country is a large company with a lot of resources that can help travel nurses find ideal positions to fit their existing skills and professional goals.

Cons: Cross Country Healthcare does not focus exclusively on travel nursing. Their TravCrop subsidiary is responsible for recruiting nurses and filling positions. While this part of the company has received mostly positive reviews, it has also earned a reputation for low pay and long hours.

Locations: Positions available in all 50 states and Caribbean.

Cross Country TravCorp Job Board


Trustaff was founded in the early 2000s to try and address the nursing shortage in some states. They wanted to work to match up skilled nurses with available opportunities through travel nursing. The company started with just four employees and now boasts a headquarters with 350 employees who work to recruit and support a growing team of travel nurses and other health professionals. Trustaff bills itself as a company that works to match nurses with the highest paying jobs at the most prestigious hospitals across the country. They work to provide excellent benefits and salaries while ensuring that nurses get the most out of every experience.

According to travel nurse employees, the company does live up to their claims for the most part. Overall, Trustaff has received positive reviews from past and present employees. The biggest complaint has to do with job security and advancement. Some travel nurses found it difficult to find back-to-back assignments and had time off between contracts.

Pros:Trustaff is a well-established company that works to negotiate favorable contracts and help travel nurses achieve an ideal work/life balance.

Cons: There aren’t any guarantees that nurses will be able to secure consecutive assignments without any gaps, but this is common throughout the industry.

Locations: Works with healthcare providers in all 50 states.

Trustaff Job Board

Next Travel Nursing

One of the keys to having a successful travel nurse experience is being matched up with the right recruiter who understands your needs and what you are looking for in an assignment. Next Travel Nursing lets travel nurses choose their recruiter instead of simply randomly pairing up people. This allows nurses to establish a great relationship with the right recruiter and enjoy a better overall experience.

Next Travel Nursing is commonly ranked among the top ten agencies in the country although you it isn’t difficult to find disparaging reviews from employees. Most of the negative comments come from recruiters and it appears that travel nurses have a difference experience with the company. Overall, they have earned a reputation for matching up skilled nurses with ideal opportunities based on individual specialities.

Pros:Focuses on the nurse/recruiter relationships for a more personalized experience that nurtures loyal travel nurses.

Cons: Employees who work at various offices and are responsible for recruiting and support services tend to have a negative view of the company. It would be surprising if some of these problems didn’t spill over and effect travel nurses.

Locations: Headquartered in Dayton, Ohio and works to fill positions in all 50 states.

Next Travel Nursing Job Board

Tailored Healthcare Staffing

Tailored Healthcare Staffing (THS) is a Joint Commissioned Certified agency that was founded in 2004. They employee a full team of recruiters, housing coordinators and other support staff to ensure that travel nurses receive the highest possible pay. A better salary allows nurses to save money and enjoy more experiences while on the road.

THS has worked to position itself as a company that truly appreciates travel nurses or “super” nurses. They offer excellent benefits, competitive salaries, referral bonuses, gifts throughout the year and tax-free per diem payments to help with housing. Their staff will work hard to make sure you will find the perfect housing situation in the ideal location. You can even bring along spouses and pets.

Pros: They provide plenty of information on the travel nurse experience for those going on their first assignment. THS also has a solid reputation for providing housing assistance and not leaving nurses to fend for themselves.

Cons: If you are looking to get a better feel for exactly how their employees view the company, there isn’t a lot of information on the internet. The handful of reviews that are available tend to be positive, but they don’t provide a big enough sample pool to truly gain an accurate view of the company culture.

Locations: Matches nurses with facilities in all 50 states.

Tailored Healthcare Staffing Job Board

Host Healthcare

Host Healthcare is one of the newer companies to join the growing ranks of travel nurse staffing companies, but the company is already making a splash. Since it was founded in 2012, Host has earned several major awards, including: BluePipe’s 2017 Best Travel Nursing Companies, San Diego Business Journal Best Places to Work in 2017 and the Highway Hypodermics 2017 Number One Travel Nursing Company. This fast growing company is setting new standards when it comes to providing top-notch recruiters and competitive salaries.

Reviews from current and former travel nurses report that Host Healthcare is more than willing to go the extra mile to ensure that nurses are happy with every aspect of their assignment. From negotiating contracts to finding housing, the support staff is there to help.

Pros: Host Healthcare is clearly on its way to becoming an industry leader and they appear to be handling rapid growth quite well.

Cons: Based on reviews, there aren’t any major complaints about the company. They are living up to their claims and providing excellent services to both travel nurses and and medical facilities.

Locations: Serves all 50 states.

Host Healthcare Job Board

Axis Medical Staffing

Axis Medical Staffing was founded in Seattle in 2004 and has quickly grown from a hard scrabble start-up to one of the highest rated travel nurse agencies in the country. The founders saw a need for a new kind of company that put the travel nurses first and put in the work to make sure that every individual’s needs were met. In the early days of the company, this meant personally visiting facilities and meeting with nurses. Today, the company is home to a more extensive support staff that still offers the same level of support, making Axis an excellent company for travel nurses with all levels of experience.

While there aren’t tremendous number of reviews on the company, the available reviews are absolutely glowing. Employees report earning competitive salaries and while also being able to maintain a healthy work/life balance. This is especially important for travel nurses who will want to spend some of their free time exploring the city.

Pros: Axis Medical Staffing has a positive and supportive company culture that is truly dedicated to providing employees with an excellent experience.

Cons:There aren’t any glaring drawbacks to the company. All signs point to the fact that Axis is a great place to work and a good go-to staffing agency for travel nurses.

Locations: Places travel nurses in all 50 states.

Axis Medical Staffing Job Board

ProLink HealthCare

One of the main difference among various nursing staffing agencies is whether they focus on providing nurses for clients or they are more concerned with providing an excellent experience for travel nurses. ProLink Healthcare’s focus is on catering to healthcare facilities. While this doesn’t mean that they don’t work to recruit top-notch nurses and secure excellent positions, it can mean that travel nurses are a second-place priority. Online reviews tend to support this and nurses report having trouble contacting management and getting timely replies to questions. That being said, ProLink is still a favorably rated staffing agency that can be a great partner and resource for travel nurses.

Pros: Professional and experienced company with a solid reputation.

Cons: While ProLink does work with travel nurses, it is a comprehensive workforce management company, which means that travel nurses aren’t their main focus. In addition, they tend to cater to clients instead of employees, so nurses may not get the same personalized attention as with other companies.

Locations: Works to fill positions across the country.

ProLink Healthcare Job Board

Atlas MedStaff, LLC.

Atlas MedStaff was founded in 2012 with the goal of revolutionizing the travel nursing industry. They recognized that the internet allowed nurses to do much of the research that used to be left up to recruiters. Travel nurses were becoming more proactive and savvy and their needs were changing. Atlas has become a success by expanding the role of the recruiter and taking personalized service to a whole new level. Nurses can contact their recruiter through social media, cell phone, email and practically any other forum for fast service and a more meaningful relationship. Atlas travel nurses feel like they have the full support and attention of a modern and innovative company that is committed to adapting to the changing needs of the market. As a result, the company has received newar perfect ratings from all of their employees and it continues to climb the ranks as a highly respected agency that puts nurses first.

Pros: The company is very nurse-centric and you won’t find yourself having to listen to dated sales pitches and working with recruiters who are using old techniques to meet the needs of a modern workforce.

Cons: So far, Atlas has a pristine reputation and record. While they aren’t the perfect fit for everyone, they appear to have made great strides in the travel nursing industry.

Locations: Atlas is headquartered in Ohio and staffs nurses across the country.

Atlas MedStaff Job Board

Medical Solutions

Medical Solutions is another highly rated company that works to put the travel nurse first. Their focus is on creating a rewarding experience for every nurse and providing excellent support and housing. They have an extensive repository of onlines resources to help new nurses understand the demands of the job and tips for making sure that get the most out of each assignment. Medical Solutions even goes the extra mile to make sure that nurses can travel with their pets.

Online reviewsshow 79% of employees would recommend the company to a friend and the vast majority approve of the CEO and management. Some reviews would have liked a more competitive pay package, but overall Medical Solutions is well like by employees.

Pros: A fun yet professional company culture and a company that focuses recruiting top nurses and providing them with excellent opportunities and support.

Cons: Negative reviews cited a hectic work schedule with little down time, but this is common to the industry as a whole.

Locations: Medical Solutions partners with healthcare providers throughout the country and is constantly working to expand their offerings.

Medical Solutions Job Board

Medical Staffing Solutions, LLC.

Perhaps the best measure of a company is how they are perceived by their workers. Medical Staffing Solutions, LLC. travel nurses report fair compensation, excellent company culture and expert support. The process of finding new positions, negotiating contracts and finding housing in a new city can be overwhelming, but with the right recruitment and support team, travel nursing can be both a lucrative and exciting adventure. Medical Staffing has managed to streamline the process and offer employees an excellent experience.

Medical Staffing Solutions was founded in 2001 and is owned and operated by nurses, so management has a unique perspective on the needs and challenges that their employees face every day. Some reviews by employees claim that the company could do a better job figuring out logistics, especially in places far from the company headquarters in Indiana. Despite some difficulties employees still rate the company highly and 74% would recommend it to a friend.

Pros: Owned and operated by nurses who understand the industry and their employees. The company has a family atmosphere that makes everyone feel welcome and appreciated.

Cons: While compensation packages are fair, their salaries fall in the middle of the range. Some nurses, especially those in cities with a more expensive cost of living, would like better pay.

Locations: Placement in all 50 states.

Medical Staffing Solutions, LLC. Job Board

Aureus Medical

Aureus Medical is a subsection of C&A industries, which handles staffing across a wide range of industries. The medical staffing portion of their business works to find positions for healthcare professionals while also catering to travel nurses. As part of a larger staffing company, Aureus is more focused on marketing to facilities and enticing them to use their services to hire new employees. The actual travel nurse portion of the business is relatively small. One the one hand, Aureus offers the backing of a skilled and experienced staffing company, but on the other hand, their size means that they may not offer the same level of individualized support as smaller staffing specialists.

Based on reviews from travel nurses, it sounds like the size of the company can get in the way, especially when it comes to handling paperwork and staying organized. In addition, their salaries tend towards the lower end of the spectrum. While their reach may help them find job faster, they don’t offer the same level of competitive compensation as other organizations.

Pros: A well-established company that has been building relationships with healthcare providers since 1984. Aureus Medical is well-equipped to quickly find travel nurse positions across the country.

Cons: There are more levels of management and bureaucracy to deal with and their pay scale is on the low side.

Locations: Aureus Medical staffs medical centers across the country.

Aureus Medical Job Search

PPR Travel Nursing

PPR is an award winning travel nurse staffing company that has been around since 1996. Over the decades, they have been recognized for creating an excellent company culture and have been named to America’s “Best Places to Work” for 13 years. According to PPR, they have been able to succeed by building relationships with their nurses and listening to their individual needs. PPR offers excellent compensation, including health insurance plans, generous housing stipends, a 401K program and other opportunities to earn bonuses. Travel nurses are encouraged to travel with their animals or significant other.

Reviews from travel nurses show that the company does live up to their mission and provides great terms for their employees and support throughout the entire process. Almost all nurse reviews were positive and they would continue to work for the company and recommend PPR to their colleagues.

Pros: PPR has a record of creating a company culture that helps them meet their goals. This alignment is the sign of a solid business plan and a forward thinking approach that can promote longevity in a competitive industry.

Cons: As with most travel nurse companies, there are some complaints about compensation packages. Keep in mind that salaries can depend a lot on the recruiter and how well they are able to negotiate contracts.

Locations: PPR works with healthcare facilities across the country.

PPR Job Board

Fusion Medical Staffing

While there are bigger names in travel nursing that have received national recognition, no other company has the same amount of positive reviews from their employees. Fusion Medical Staffing truly does want their travel nurses to be able to experience each assignment location and “live like a local.” With Fusion, it is less about landing a job and more about achieving a certain lifestyle that has a solid work/life balance. Any nursing position is going to be demanding, but Fusion will make sure that you are able to get the most out of each travel experience.

Their commitment to supporting their employees and creating a distinctive company culture can be seen in practically everything they do. The CEO, Sam Wageman, has been racking up leadership awards and the company is active in the community. As a result, they continue to be one of the fastest growing and highest rated staffing companies.

Pros: If you are excited about traveling and experiencing new cities, this is the company for you. They are truly focused on the travel nurse lifestyle and will help ensure that you are able to immerse yourself in the local culture.

Cons: Fusion Medical Staffing received perfect scores from travel nurses. The only con mentioned was that the company is still growing so it might not have as many jobs to offer as larger companies. However, this didn’t stop reviewers from recommending the company.

Locations: Fusion places nurses in all 50 states.

Fusion Medical Staffing Job Board

Travel Nurses Inc.

Travel Nurses Inc. is the latest offshoot of OR Nurses Nationwide, which is a part of the old guard of travel nursing agencies. The parent company was founded in 1988 and originally only worked with OR nurses before expanding. In 2017, they formed Travel Nurses Inc to provide a more targeted service. Because Travel Nurses Inc. was born from an older agency, they have a more traditional business model that focuses on meeting staffing needs rather than providing nurses with a unique travel experience. They provide solid services, but there are other companies out there that have a more travel-centric culture that may be a better fit for those who are less concerned with gaining professional experience and more interested in the travel aspect.

Travel Nurses Inc. is still in its infancy, so there are very few reviews from employees and it is hard to get a feel for the experience that others have had with the company. However, OR Nurses Nationwide is well respected and getting in on the ground floor with Travel Nurses Inc. could be a great opportunity for new travel nurses.

Pros: Travel Nurse Inc. is backed by a well-established parent company, which adds credibility.

Cons: Because the company is so new, there isn’t a tremendous amount of feedback available.

Locations: Travel Nurses Inc. serves all 50 states.

Travel Nurses Inc. Job Board

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