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Let us know your travel city and dates of travel and we will match you with properties in the area that fit your needs!

Avoid Scams

This page is designed to help you protect yourself from online housing scams when you’re traveling for work.

Travel Nurse Essential E-Book

A comprehensive travel nurse resource that covers all aspects of the travel life

City Guide

A city guide is familiarize adenture,attractions,nature beauty,seattle attracts,foods experiences,hospital,housing,shopping,restaurants,best place on nighborhoods.


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A housing app for traveling healthcare professionals and property owners alike!

Travel Nurse Stipend Calculator

If you are a travel nurse trying to figure out how much furnished monthly properties cost for a travel assignment, this report will give you the average rents for an entire unit vs. a room in a particular city, and what amenities would be included so you can gauge your housing costs for your next assignment.