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Owner Verification & Property Data


Online housing scams are out of control which lead to immediate loss and lasting damages. Traveler safety and security are our highest priorities, so it's no wonder that we're investing our efforts where it can help our travelers the most. 

Furnished Finder now offers our travelers a FREE Owner Verification Report which will tell you the name of the owner on record, if there is any pending foreclosure, and other property-specific information. The next time you're not entirely sure if a housing offer is real, or you just want a second opinion before you send a check for your move-in costs, get a FREE Owner Verification Report

*We know that Furnished Finder isn't your only resource for furnished housing, so even if you find your housing on another site, we want you to be protected.

**A report will only be provided for private property owners and does not account for the common practice of subletting.







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All Property Types

Find furnished housing and connect with our property owners/managers directly! Whether you're a travel nurse looking for housing, or a business traveler needing a furnished apartment while on assignment, Furnished Finder has the perfect unit for you. Offering alternative and traditional housing types, you're sure to find the perfect short-term housing option on our map. Some travelers prefer a unique experience while they're away for work where they might want to stay in a private condo, an estate's back-house, or even a luxury caboose. Likewise, others, including travel managers, might prefer a hotel or furnished apartment as part of a duty of care initiative. No matter if you prefer a unique alternative housing option or a more traditional one, all of our properties are meticulously vetted to ensure an enjoyable stay.


Convenient Locations

Travelers, and travel managers alike agree that Furnished Finder is a leading source for furnished housing and other extended stay options. We even have contracts with hotel groups that offer Furnished Finder travelers significant discounts on 30 day and greater hotel stays.  If you're looking for short-term housing options and can't decide between a hotel and a furnished apartment, take a look at the Furnished Finder map where you can see both.  You can check availability right on their listings, or you can use the housing request feature that contacts properties in your target area on your behalf and only the ones with availability for your specific travel dates will reach out to you.  Our system is an efficient way to search for short term housing and is a totally free resource for travelers and travel managers. Don't have a property that works where you're going?  Fill out a housing request and we'll check our backend database for pending properties that might match your criteria. 


*Travel managers and housing coordinators: Want to offer our housing resources to your travelers? Ask about our white label map option.