November 29, 2016

Top US Cities for Travel Nurses

If you’ve been trying to find out the most frequently traveled cities by travel nurses, you’ve come to the right place. In fact, the top 2 questions we get is where do travel nurses go and where do travel nurses live? After countless requests for the most traveled cities by travel nurses, we’ve decided to release this information because it will ultimately benefit the travelers that we serve.

We’re experiencing a national shortage of nurses and doctors, which means hospitals are hiring a lot of temporary skilled healthcare providers as a stop-gap. Luckily, this housing vacuum also presents a unique opportunity for landlords and property owners just like you.

Travel nurses, and the multi-billion dollar healthcare staffing industry that places them, have an insatiable appetite for affordable short-term housing. This is why we’re appealing to regular property owners and landlords like you to offer your properties as short-term rentals for travel nurses.

Travel Nurses make the best tenants.

Did we mention that Travel Nurses make the best tenants? They’re well-trained professionals that save people’s lives for a living which means they spend long hours at the hospital and really just need a clean, safe, and comfortable place to have a meal and crash out until their next shift. They’re a predictable tenant group who needs new housing accommodations 4 times per year.

The demand for traveling nurses and locum tenens doctors is projected to increase over the next 10 years and we want to help property owners understand the potential they have by making their properties available as short-term rentals for travel nurses! Similar to how Airbnb offered incremental income for property owners who rent their properties like a hotel, Furnished Finder offers a safer alternative since an average lease for a travel nurse is 13 weeks. Continue here for more information.

Aging baby-boomers are demanding more and more of our healthcare resources, while state regulations are defining the maximum number of patients a nurse can provide quality care to. The ongoing nurse-to-patient staffing ratio discussion is already addressed by law or regulation in 14 states according to the (ANA) American Nurses Association. This situation presents a vacuum which is filled by skilled temporary healthcare workers and continues to add fuel to the burgeoning Medical Travel industry.

Here's what other property owners have said.

Dave Provost of Crescent City, CA, a property owner who has multiple furnished units that he rents to this popular segment of business travelers says, Travel nurses just make great tenants! Dave is providing a much-needed resource to this exploding population because once a travel nurse finds a job, affordable housing for the traveling healthcare professional is paramount. Dave mentioned;

“I’m plugged into the source so I continually have medical staffing companies and travel nurses looking to stay with me. I’m running a wait list 7-deep for 2017 right now.”

Sandra Robinette rents 2 properties on Furnished Finder and said,

“I like renting to medical professionals. Having 90-day tenants means less work for me! Travel nurses sign contracts for 3 months at a time, and often renew if they like where they’re working and living.”

"With an average stay of almost 100 days, everyone is competing for the travel nurse’s stay right now", says Brian Payne, co-founder and managing director of Furnished Finder. "Hotels and private owners seem to be the most aggressive right now because both are facing different challenges from the disruptive home-sharing economy."

Furnished Finder, a privately-held company out of Denver, Colorado, was built specifically for travel nurses and is always completely free for their users. Medical staffing companies and stipend travelers alike use Furnished Finder as the most reliable source to find stipend travel nurse housing. Please direct all inquiries to for more information.

The Most Traveled Cities for Travel Nursing data was released for the sole purpose of encouraging individual property owners to list their property on Furnished Finder which directly benefits the traveling nurse community. This data is property of, and only available from Furnished Finder, and is not to be reproduced in any form or used in any other manner than intended, without the prior written consent of Furnished Finder. Furnished Finder has an affiliate marketing program that pays commission to industry professionals who direct landlords and property managers to list with Furnished