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Janelle Sinclair Furnished Finder Landlord -Listing #187288

Janelle Sinclair Furnished Finder Landlord -Listing #187288

I joined Furnished Finder in early 2018 on the recommendations from a nurse that I golfed with, and a Hospice Nurse that took care of my husband. I lost my husband in June of 2018 which was a very hard and lonely time for me. I wondered how I could survive financially and emotionally after the event that absolutely rocked me. Well I took the nurses advice and went online to do a little research on renting a room to traveling nurses. The first site that came up was Furnished Finder, and I immediately signed up. It was a little scary for me to think of having strange people living in my house, but I was pretty impressed overall with Furnished Finder since their nurses are all background checked, plus I read some pretty good reviews from other property owners.

I’ve had a full house since March of 2018, and have been blessed to have had the best traveling nurse tenants share my space!!! Having them here helped me get thru my sadness, and the best part is that I’ve actually made many good friends because of it!

Furnished finder made it easy to use their site and was there whenever I had questions. When I was just getting started renting to travel nurses, it was great to know I had someone to help me thru the ins-and-outs of how to be a successful short term rental landlord. I still contact them often with any questions I may have.

Thank you Furnished Finder!

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