FAQ - Traveling Nurses

How does this work?
When you need short term housing, you start by submitting a housing request so property owners with availability in your search area can reach out to you. From there, you chat with the property(s) that fit your needs… if one of them is a winner, you work with the property owner directly to secure the unit.
Do you charge the traveler?
Nope. We never charge our travelers a dime.
Is there a minimum stay?
We mostly focus on 30-day minimum stays (with an average length of stay of 95+ days), but we understand your housing needs may vary and we encourage our travelers to negotiate with individual property owners and hotels that might be open to hosting you for shorter periods of time.
How do I book a property?
You reach out to the properties you’re interested in and book directly with the property owner when you’re ready. Since you book directly with our owners, there are no mark-ups, extra fees, or commissions which is how we keep housing affordable. Each landlord has their own rental process in place, which might include a quick screening and lease agreement via our preferred partner KeyCheck.
I just submitted a housing request...now what?
Don’t stop there! Search our map to see what’s out there! If you see something you want, don’t wait for them to contact you. Chat through the app! Available short-term housing can move pretty quickly...especially the most unique & affordable options.
Why did it ask for my cell phone carrier?
So we can enable text alerts. Many travelers, and property owners for that matter, prefer to chat via text because it’s fast and easy to use. You can text "STOP" anytime to cancel.
What if my assignment cancels and I need to leave early?
This is totally up to the property owner you hook up with. Make sure to ask what type of notice is required to submit before you leave (30 days notice is common), and understand their policies about leaving before the term is completed. Every property is different and so are their policies, so be sure to find out these answers before you sign your lease. Tip: if you find out that a property owner requires a 30 day notice, set a calendar item on your phone as a reminder!
Can I report a property?
Yes. If a property is less than forthright or using questionable tactics, we want to know about it immediately! Property owners agree to our terms of use and are expected to conduct themselves professionally at all times. Any property can be reported at any time. Look for the report property icon on every listing, or contact us with more information.

FAQ - Property Owners

Do you specialize in traveling nurses for your traffic?
Yes, most of our traffic is from traveling nurses, allied health professionals, and locum tenens. They trust us for all their housing needs. We are by far and away the nation's leader in traveling nurse housing.
Our system is also open for other types of non-medical traveling professionals, such as athletes, engineers, military and relocating families. Due to the similarities in how they travel, and our expertise within the online housing industry, we are able to serve them as well.
Can I get notified when a travel nurse is coming to my area?
Yes! That’s one of the main benefits of our service. Once you list your property, you’re automatically entered in our network and will begin receiving housing requests that match your listing.
Can I list a room?
Yes! We hear from homeowners around the nation who have an extra room or two, that choose to rent to travel nurses because they're employed, professional, and predictable as a tenant group. Our travelers make great tenants, and rooms are an important part of our travel nurse housing strategy nationwide... especially in high-cost cities.
How is this different than vacation rental or home-sharing sites?
Furnished Finder is heavily concentrated in healthcare and focuses mainly on 30 day and greater stays. An average term for this type of traveler is just over 3 months which is very attractive for the traditional vacation rental owner!
Is the location of my property important?
We have a high concentration of traveling healthcare professionals, so for some landlords it’s ideal to be within a reasonable driving distance to a hospital. While on-call healthcare travelers need to be with 15 minutes of their assignment typically, the majority of our travelers work regular shifts and can commute a little further for the right place.Many other traveling professionals frequently visit our website to search for furnished housing. This includes military, tech, and professional athletes to name a few. Their needs are spread across the city so the location of your home does not need to be right next to a hospital. Our travelers (both medical and non-medical, heavily rely on hotels as well.
I’m new to this; how should I prepare my unit for a travel nurse?
Travel nurses are professionals who stay 3 months at a time. They are looking for affordable housing that is clean and safe. Properties on our map need to be all 3 (affordable, clean, & safe) because that’s what our travelers expect.

You can stock the place with a few essentials for them to get started, but they don’t expect housekeeping, fruit-baskets, coffee, or mini-shampoos. All those things are nice (especially the coffee!) but certainly not expected.

Here’s what they want:
All utilities should be included in the rent. Bedding & all linens (two sets are nice!). Kitchenware, bathware, and essential housewares. WIFI is practically a must. If you don’t have it...get it. SmartTV’s in their room are preferred so they can unwind after a long shift by watching their favorite netflix movie or hulu show. (shows and movies streamed via the internet on a smart tv). Extras include laundry in unit/on site, assigned parking/carport, and pets. More info.
Do travelers ever bring a pet?
Yes. According to our internal polling of a couple hundred travel nurses, about 1/3 travel with a pet. Travelers with pets expect to pay a reasonable amount of extra deposit because, well... accidents happen. You Do Not have to accept pets to list on our site.
How do I screen the tenant?
With KeyCheck,our partner site who provides free tenant screening for Furnished Finder landlords. You simply create a KeyCheck account and start screening. (Screening fees paid by traveler). More info.
Who do I collect rent from?
Most of the time you’ll work with the stipend traveler directly, however sometimes a medical staffing company may be the payer. About 75% of travel nurses will choose to take the housing stipend and manage housing on their own, but there are still some that prefer that the company manage their housing.You can use KeyCheck to collect rent efficiently and 100% online.
Should I charge a deposit ?
Yes, you need to be comfortable with the person who's living in your unit, so we always recommend you secure the unit by collecting a refundable security deposit. That said, if you charge too much, it will deter many travel nurses. The days of requiring first and last month’s rent upfront are gone... the sweet spot is typically 1/3 rent. Charging a one-time cleaning fee (typically $100-$125) typically makes sense as well.
Is there a process I need to go through to be approved?
Certainly. We like to have a conversation before you list to make sure your property is right for our nurses, and to ensure we provide the answers you need regarding our service and about renting a furnished property short term. Every listing has to meet our criteria to help ensure accuracy and accord.We also verify you through our Fraud Prevention partners as part of your registration, please refer to your listing verification page for more info.
What’s involved in listing my property and are there any fees?
Property Owners/Landlords: Once you add your listing on Furnished Finder, you’re eligible to start receiving travelers from us. It’s simply $149 for a 12 month listing. That’s it - just a one-time listing fee which is good for 12 months. We don’t charge commissions or booking fees as you work directly with the traveler...and there are never any markups to the rent.

Hotels/Apartment Complexes: We love our hotel and apartment complex partners as they play a pivotal role in housing our travel nurses on a larger scale nationwide.
Secure your spot on our map today. It’s just $750 for a 12-month listing.

*All listings are authenticated and are subject to approval by Furnished Finder.
**All listings renew automatically at the end of its term unless user opt’s-out prior to renewal date.
***The frequency of travel nurse tenant leads in your area depend on the hiring patterns of travel nurses. (There are over 250 travel nursing staffing companies, and about 100,000 travel nurses in circulation at any time).
What’s your refund policy?
A listing is valid for 12 months after the purchase date, and will automatically renew for a consecutive 12 month term. You are purchasing a FurnishedFinder listing, and there are no refunds for any reason once your listing is created. If your listing was never created, a full refund will be provided upon request. You may opt-out of automatic renewal anytime (under Account in your Dashboard) before your renewal date. Refunds will not be provided after your listing renews for any reason. Listings are not transferable to another person, but your purchased time may be rolled into another listing owned by the same person.
Can I list my property if it’s unfurnished?
Most of our users prefer furnished properties, but if you’re a complex that rents short-term (month to month or 3 month minimum), we have furniture rental partners that can furnish your unit for the traveler if needed.
What’s the best way to contact the travelers?
The best way to communicate with travelers is through the app. (Visit the Apple app store or Google Play to download - Coming Soon). You can also call, text, or email them directly, but the app is best since it keeps track of all your messages in one place.
Can I list my Hotel or Apartment Complex?
Absolutely. Travel nurses need as many housing options as possible and frequently rely on Hotels and Apartment Complexes!
Is my full address displayed on your map?
No. We require your full address so we can verify you and your property. However, we only display your City/State on your public listing.
How do I secure a tenant?
We recommend using the tenant screening from KeyCheck, a Furnished Finder partner site, followed up with a state-specific month to month lease with a 30-day notice to vacate.
Can I manage my calendar with iCal?
Yes! We’re set up to receive imported iCalendars from Airbnb and VRBO. This feature enables you to have a single-calendar view for all your reservations! Currently, exports are not enabled.
If you don’t use iCal, we recommend you keep your calendar updated at all times to provide our travelers with the best information available from your property.
Can I make edits to my listing?
Yes. You simply need to be logged in and go to your dashboard. There you’ll be able to do things like update your calendar to show your next availability, adjust your notification preferences, change your rent amount, and update your images.
I don’t want to renew my listing. What do I do?
While you’re logged in, hover over your username and select Account. There you can make major account changes like deleting your listing, canceling a renewal, and updating your credit card information.
I rented my place and don’t want to get notifications for a couple months. How can I update my notification settings?
While you’re logged in, go to your Dashboard, select Edit Listing, then click Notifications.
If I update my calendar to show I don’t have availability for a while, will the listing still be active on the map?
Yes. If you don’t want your listing to display or don’t want to receive travel nurse housing requests for a while, you can make these changes in your Notification Settings.
If I sign up, can I list with other sites as well?
Absolutely! We have no restrictions on where or how you market your property.
What do I do once I receive a travel nurse housing request?
Reach out to the travel nurse via our system, or just plain old email/text/phone... it's totally up to you. We recommend mentioning that you received their housing request from Furnished Finder, and that you're a property owner that has space for a travel nurse. It also helps to mention certain aspects of their housing request to jar their memory: "It looks like you're working at Rose Medical starting on the 15th..." This should help the traveler remember that they filled out a housing request form, and set up the conversation for success!