September 15, 2023

Make Your Property Stand Out w/ Katie Lyon, Marketing Director at Furnished Finder

Katie Lyon, the Marketing Director of Furnished Finder, shares invaluable wisdom for landlords seeking to optimize their reach on Furnished Finder while securing tenants more easily. In a world where marketing is often associated with branding and advertisements, Katie takes a refreshingly simplified approach.

In this article, we explore Katie's expert advice for landlords, covering essential areas such as captivating visuals, attention-grabbing headlines, tailored property descriptions, and maximizing your listing's visibility within the Furnished Finder algorithm. Moreover, we dive into identifying your target audience and showcasing features that resonate with their unique needs.

We also address the question of whether your property is a suitable fit for mid-term rentals, as Furnished Finder caters to a diverse audience of travel nurses, digital nomads, families, students, and various temporary residents.

Marketing Is Not A Science, It’s An Art

For landlords looking to maximize their exposure on Furnished Finder and improve their chances of finding tenants at a moment's notice, Katie Lyon, Marketing Director of Furnished Finder, has some astute advice. Katie approaches marketing from the perspective that anything you do to spread the word about what your business does is marketing, whereas many people view it as just logos, business cards, branding, mailers, advertisements, etc.

You are telling your story through everything you publish about your rental and every interaction you have. Your marketing is ultimately comprised of every single element of your online presence, including the photos that are meant to persuade potential tenants that your property is ideal for them, the messages you send to leads and current tenants (and how quickly you respond to messages), your landlord profile, and the reviews you receive from past tenants.

The management of your marketing can be done in any way. It is not a science; it is an art. Each individual has a different way of figuring out what works. Making it as simple as possible for those who are interested in your property to contact you is one way to make sure you are reaching them. People need to be told in plain English how to contact you. Whether it's Instagram direct messaging, posting your phone number or email address in your listing or social media posts, or asking them to message you in some other way, people need to know how to contact you.

Marketing Tips

Katie's number one suggestion on how to make your Furnished Finder listing stand out is the quality of the pictures you post.

Although Katie has experience as a professional photographer, she still employs one to take all the photos of her properties. She points out that these expert real estate photographers typically cost around $200, have wide-angle lenses and top-of-the-line camera equipment, and know exactly how and where to position the camera to highlight the best features of your property. Depending on how big your property is, they enter and leave it within an hour on average. Make sure to ask your photographer to take some pictures of the nearby neighborhood, parks, and tourist destinations.

Catchy headlines that mention nearby hospitals, a pool, or availability all aid in drawing in readers. Few people take advantage of the small size of the listing's headline by using words that don't effectively convey their message. For instance, "Welcome to Your New Home" in a listing headline is useless in comparison to "1 Mile from XYZ Hospital, Bright, Quiet, with Swimming Pool."

The text for the property's description should be written to maximize informational impact without being overly wordy. Bullet points that highlight the best features of the home, the neighborhood, and the amenities will perform much better than a large block of text because they are more appealing and will encourage readers to commit to reading them.

Consider your target audience when writing your description, and adjust it as necessary. Highlight your blackout curtains, reserved parking, quiet neighborhood, secure property, dedicated work space, lightning-fast internet, and any other features that would stand out to those groups, whether they be traveling nurses, relocating families, or digital nomads.

Improving your listing within the Furnished Finder algorithm, thereby getting your listing to rank in the search results, is quite simple and logical. The first step is to keep your availability calendar updated, meaning if you have a tenant, update when the current lease will expire. Likewise, if you secure a tenant, be sure to update your calendar to reflect your property's current unavailability. A good habit to get into when you respond to a tenant lead is to simply refresh your calendar as well. The second step is to respond to every lead and message as quickly as possible. The third is to make sure your listing, as well as your landlord profile, are 100% complete.

How to Know if Your Property is a Good Fit for Mid-Term Rentals

Katie notes that if your property has four walls and a roof, there's a very good chance mid-term rentals would be a good fit. In other words, all kinds of travelers need all kinds of furnished housing. Furnished Finder's audience consists of approximately 50% travel nurses, who frequently seek studio, one, and two bedroom properties, while the other 50% comprises digital nomads, remote workers, relocating families, winter snowbirds, college students, construction workers, and individuals on temporary work assignments. This diverse audience also books three- and four-bedroom properties, showcasing the platform's appeal to a wide range of temporary residents. Knowing this, design, describe, and market your property for the group most likely to rent it.

No Booking Fees on Furnished Finder

Furnished Finder differentiates itself from other online travel agency (OTA) platforms such as AirBnB and VRBO in that no booking fees are charged. Anyone who's booked through Airbnb or VRBO is familiar with the fairly large additional fees added onto the cost of renting the property. Both the tenant and landlord pay fees every single time the property is booked. Furnished Finder, on the other hand, only charges a one-time fee to the landlord to post their property and leaves it up to the landlord to handle communicating with leads and tenants, securing a lease, and collecting rent. Furnished Finder also makes it as easy as possible to help facilitate these processes through the resources they've made available to landlords.

Screening potential tenants, writing and e-signing leases, automating online rent payments, and much more are available through Keycheck, Furnished Finder's sister company.

How Does Furnished Finder Make Money?

Furnished Finder only charges a one-time fee of $149 per property to be listed for one year, so many landlords who are unfamiliar with the service may wonder how the company can continue to operate. When you have over 200,000 properties listed at $149 a year, the math quickly adds up. Throw in the optional Owner Verification Badge and the optional add-on of paying the Furnished Finder team to market your home on your behalf, and you realize Furnished Finder is not short of resources and continues to devote its resources to helping both landlords and mid-term renters alike.

Furnished Finder's Founding Story

The inception of the Furnished Finder marketplace, in its current form, traces back to 2014, when its founders stumbled upon a remarkable realization: there was an immense demand for furnished housing among travel nurses. This discovery marked the beginning of a journey that would transform the way mid-term housing was provided to healthcare professionals. However, it was during the recent pandemic that the true significance of nurses and healthcare providers became widely acknowledged. They emerged as the backbone of the support system on which the entire nation relies.

This profound realization struck a chord with the Furnished Finder team, solidifying their commitment to serving this exceptional group of individuals. Since then, the company has made every decision based on a profound understanding of the crucial role traveling medical professionals play and a genuine desire to fulfill their distinctive needs. The Furnished Finder team is dedicated to offering exceptional support and resources that address the specific challenges faced by these healthcare heroes in their quest to find suitable and comfortable accommodations during their assignments.

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Author : FF Team