How it works

Between Furnished Finder and our sister site Travel Nurse Housing, we get over one million searches for housing a year and over twenty-four million page views. Both sites specialize in Traveling Nurses and other Traveling Professionals looking for 30-day and greater furnished housing. When you list your property with us, it will be displayed on both sites and the Furnished Finder app.

Think of us as the specialized resource for 30-day and greater stays, but with a few key differences from traditional advertising sites. First, our traffic is not vacation goers but rather Traveling Professionals on work assignments who require at least one month of Furnished Housing. Second, we do not get involved with the transaction, the lease agreement and rental payments are between you and the Traveling Professional only. You have total control over who you choose and don’t choose to rent to. Unlike other platforms, we do not charge booking fees! Once plugged into our platform, you will have a listing on our map, unlimited leads, access to our App on Iphone and/or Android to manage your listing, and any help you may need in the setup of your listing. We have excellent customer service available 7 days a week.

When you sign up with Furnished Finder, you will create a "listing" to advertise your property to our Travelers. You will upload photos, pricing information and a description of your property to your listing. Your listing will be included on our map and our Traveling Professionals will reach out to you directly by email, phone, SMS or through the Furnished Finder platform if they are interested in renting your space.

We also have what's called a "Housing Request". Our Travelers fill out a "Housing Request" to tell us where they're going and what type of property they are looking for. When your property matches a Traveler's Housing Request criteria (e.g. pet friendly, 1 bedroom, rent price, etc.), we alert you so that you can contact the Traveler directly. When you contact a Traveler, please include a link to your property listing. Travelers who fill out Housing Requests usually have not searched our map yet, and therefore have not seen your specific property until you contact them. These travelers don’t have time to search our map and would rather you reach out with a phone call, text message or email if you have availability. Many travelers prefer text messages.

Do you want to see the travel nurse housing demand in your area?

To list your property on Furnished Finder:

Click "List Your Property” at the top
Select your listing type
Create your listing

Property owners are verified and listings are screened for the safety of our travelers. Once your listing is completed and approved, our Travel Nurses and other Traveling Professionals can start contacting you!

If you have any questions, please call us at (661) 489-5907.