August 3, 2016

White Label Map Helps Medical Staffing Companies

Furnished Finder is pleased to announce the launch of their white label map to their partners in the medical staffing industry. Many travelers prefer to take the housing stipend; this gives travelers more control over the housing they receive and an opportunity to retain any extra monies tax free -- it also helps medical staffing companies minimize the overall expense of offering company housing. Furnished Finder already has 10 major partners who are using their housing data in this capacity, and are now in a position to expand their partnerships via the use of their short term housing data as a valuable resource for their client’s travelers and recruiters.

Medical staffing companies are gravitating toward the Furnished Finder white label map because in addition to it providing valuable short-term housing options for their travel nurses, it also serves as a significant retention tool as well. The white label map, which is branded with the staffing company’s logo and colors, will keep travelers coming back to their site every 13 weeks to look for housing. The idea is to not only increase the usage of their client's websites, but to also increase the user duration.

With this launch, also comes the decision to focus all efforts toward providing valuable housing data for their partners, property owners, and their travelers. Effective immediately, Furnished Finder, who recently moved to Denver, CO, is closing their Bakersfield, CA office where they coordinate housing specifically for stipend travel nurses. “The travelers mostly wanted our housing data anyway,” says Furnished Finder President Brian Payne. He then went on to say, “We were honored that so many travel nurses embraced that side of our business...but now our travelers can simply go to our properties direct via our map.”

Furnished Finder also recently entered into an advertising partnership with IHG hotels which allows their hoteliers to add their properties directly to the Furnished Finder map and take advantage of Furnished Finder’s marketing in the medical staffing space.

Furnished Finder is a privately owned online distribution channel of short-term housing for business travelers, and a marketing source for traditional and alternative property types. Furnished Finder connects the property owner and property manager's inventory to its base of travelers. They continue to grow their footprint by partnering with medical staffing companies, property managers, hotel groups, corporate housing intermediaries, insurance and relocation companies, and travel managers throughout the US. These strategic partnerships help to provide the inventory and the demand to place their travelers in month to month housing nationwide.

Update 6/1/2017 Furnished Finder is no longer supporting the white label map. If you're interested in receiving our listings, they're all available for free on our map.