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Mid-Term Rental Furnishing List

Mid-Term Rentals 101: Learn all about this rental type and why you should consider investing in them

Shifting from Short-Term Rentals to Mid-Term Rentals

What furniture should I purchase for my property?

Why are MTRs a great investment?

How to get started in mid-term rentals

Why Tenant Screenings Are Vital for Mid-Term Rentals: Ensuring Peace of Mind and Quality Stays

Navigating Lead Types in your Landlord Dashboard

A man using a laptop

Unlocking the Power of Furnished Finder: Your Ultimate Guide to Attracting Corporate Housing Renters and Business Professionals

Discover how to attract professors and academics as ideal tenants for your monthly rental properties

living room

What Size is Best For Mid-Term Rentals? w/ Stars of Boston

Backyard of a house with a swimming pool

MTR Saturation Tips, Avoiding Scams, Bed Bugs, Shared Yards & Insurance Tips w/ Theresa Barton

A modern accessory dwelling unit with gray siding and natural wood accents surrounded by trees.

Home Sharing w/ Kids, Holistic Hosting & Backyard ADUs with Amanda Coleman

A furnished duplex with a spacious living room featuring comfortable seating, a coffee table, and large windows with natural light streaming in. The decor is modern and inviting, with neutral tones and tasteful accents.

Why A Duplex is A Great Option For Mid-Term Rentals with Bob Wohlstrom

Orange houses in a vibrant neighborhood.

The Allure of Mid-Term Rentals

Image of an apartment kitchen and living room

How Brandi Jones Scaled Her Corporate Housing Business to Over 60 Units and $180,000 in Monthly Revenue Without Owning a Single Property

A living room with a sofa and a TV

Is Your Area Suitable For Mid-Term Rentals w/ MTR Coach Al Williamson

Yellow porch with a swing chair

The Rise of Mid-Term Rentals: Insights, Strategies, and Success Stories

Couple outside of a wooden trailer in the forest

Mid-Term Travelers Love Tiny Living with Cheryl Smith

Man on balcony looking out at city

Better Your Community Through Real Estate with RB

A sleek and contemporary kitchen and living room with minimalist design and ample natural light.

One Arbitrage Partner Can Change Everything w/ Stay Nixon

A spacious kitchen and dining room with elegant hardwood floors, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Revolutionizing Real Estate Lending: Fund That Flip's Innovative Solutions

Red house with bench

The Rise of ADUs: A Real Estate Revolution

White bed with a blue pillow

From House Hacking to Landscape Lighting: Create A Safe Ambience For Your MTR Guests

A grey living and dining room with wood accents.

FF12 Tammy's Journey to Lean FI, 20+ MTRs & 100+ Doors By Leveraging BRRRRs & Syndications

A cozy living room with a couch, chair, and television.

Part 2 : Mastering the 30-Day Stay with Bigger Pockets Author, Sarah Weaver

Mastering Mid-Term Rentals: Insights from Bigger Pockets Author, Zeona McIntyre

Furnished Finder Marketing Tips: Improve Your Listing Placement & Make Your Property Stand Out

Living room

How MTR Coach Jesse Vasquez Connects w/ Medical Staffing Agencies To Maximize Profit

Pool in front of multi-unit building

From A Thought To 14 Mid-Term Arbitrage Rentals in 6 Months

View of single family home from street

Will Larger, Higher Priced Properties Work On Furnished Finder?

Beige living room with blue and gold accents.

Do Single-Family Homes Work For MTR Corporate Housing?

Summit meeting

Furnished Finder Insights From The First Ever Mid-Term Rental Summit

Managing 60+ Units On Furnished Finder w/ Robert Nunez

8 Reasons for High-Income Professionals to Invest in Mid-Term Rentals

8 Reasons for High-Income Professionals to Invest in Mid-Term Rentals

How to Increase Occupancy & Maximize Your Property's Potential with Photography

4 Tips for Travel Nurses to Follow When Changing Locations

4 Tips for Travel Nurses to Follow When Changing Locations

4 Bedroom House Hack Renting Furnished By The Room w/ Pharmacist Eric Chiang

4 Bedroom House Hack Renting Furnished By The Room with Pharmacist Eric Chiang

A woman wearing a medical mask sits in the driver's seat of a car

Nurse Contracts, Cancellations & Hosting Tips From Your Nurse in Realty

Musician Grossing $350K Annually on Short/Mid-Term Rentals In Just 2 Yrs!

Room with a wooden furniture, a chair, a plant and a painting.

From High School Dream to Real Estate Empire: How One Young Investor Amassed a Diverse Portfolio and Discovered the Growing Midterm Rental Market

Blue couch in a blue room

Building a Business & Brand in Corporate Housing w/ HESTiA

Backyard space with banana theme.

Designing Your MTR Space with Hosts of The Banana Bungalow


10 Steps to Jump Start Your Next Real Estate Investment with WIIRE

Woman dangles keys at camera

Five things traveling tenants wish landlords knew

Two women and a dog

Top 5 tips for traveling with your Pet

A Traveler's Guide to Omaha

A Traveler's Guide to Omaha

A Travel Nurse’s City Guide to Boston

Best Date Night Ideas in Chicago for Solo Dates

Best Date Night Ideas in Chicago for Solo Dates

What Is The State Of Travel Nursing Today?

A man, a woman and a dog in a kitchen

Mid-Term Rentals: How Property Owners Can Cash In on the Growing Market and Add Value for Tenants

A living room with a sofa

Mid Term Rentals: Everything you need to know

Living room with brick walls, a sofa, a plant and a table.

Mid Term Rentals: Ways to Stand Out as a Landlord in this Growing Market

Bedroom with large windows, a bed in the center and a chair in the corner.

Mid Term Rentals

construction workers looking and pointing

US Workforces Desperately Need Monthly Furnished Rentals: Travel Managers are Getting Creative

Nursewallet screenshots

How to Feel Great About Your Money in the New Year as a Travel Nurse


Why You Should Consider Travel Nursing in Portland

detroit view from the water

Working as a Travel Nurse in Detroit

A toy car on a map

How Travel Nurses Can Maximize Time Off During a Pandemic


Why You Should Consider Travel Nursing in Myrtle Beach

5 Tips for Comparing Travel Nurse Agencies

5 Tips for Comparing Travel Nurse Agencies

woman holding us dollars over mouth

Travel Nurses: Learn to Budget and Pay Off Debt With Irregular Income

The Best Places to Find Travel Nursing Jobs – What You Need to Know

charlotte aerial view

Why You Should Consider Travel Nursing in Charlotte

A white RV trailer is pulled along a road by a white truck.

Finding Short Term Housing vs. Living in an RV as a Traveling Healthcare Provider

A couple with their dog at a canyon.

Contract Cancellation: How to Roll With Bad Luck in Travel Nursing

Pie charts displaying pricing for whole place and private room rentals in San Francisco.

Furnished Finder Featured as a Top Resource for Travel Nurses

German shepherd in trunk

Tips for Making Travel Nursing Easier on Your Dog

Hands holding a ball of us dollar bills

Travel Nurse Pay: How Much We REALLY Make

Miniature house with white walls

Travel Nurse Landlords: We Want to Hear From You!

Face mask grey background

The Future of Travel Nursing Post Covid 19

Charleston city

Why You Should Consider Travel Nursing in Charleston.

Become a Traveling Nurse in Beautiful Austin, TX!

Property Owners: Making Your Rental Unit Covid-Clean.

A suitcase filled with clothes

Living Minimally as a Travel Nurse—Is It Possible?

Aerial view of the city of Denver, Colorado

Travel Nurse City Guide: Denver, Colorado

A hospital hallway

Learning the Rhythm of the Travel Nurse Housing Market

Room with gray couches and white walls with a very wide window

Furnished Finder Featured in Wall Street Journal as Vacation Rental Owners Shift Toward Monthly Furnished Rentals

Nurse with face mask on yellow background

The Best Tools to Find Travel Nurse Housing

Letters spelling "COVID-19"

How Travel Nurses Stay Safe and Healthy During the Coronavirus Pandemic

4.9 out of 5 stars rating for Furnished Finder

Furnished Finder and its sister site, Travel Nurse Housing, has achieved another milestone.

16 of the Best Travel Nurse Housing Tips

Woman running with a pink background

Travel Nurse Fitness Guide

A hand holding a house model in front of a green field, symbolizing home ownership and connection to nature.

Safety Tips for Travel Nurses

Aerial view of the city of Phoenix

The Travel Nurse City Guide: Phoenix

Travel Nurse Family

10 Reasons to Do Travel Nursing with Your Family

Short Term Housing Guide for Travel Nurses and Other Healthcare Travelers


10 Most Popular Travel Nurse Cities

Being a Landlord for Monthly Furnished Rentals

Image of a calculator, seven short stacks of quarters, a contract document, a pen, two keys on a keyring, and a tiny toy house.

Should You Be a Landlord for Monthly Furnished Rentals?

A woman affectionately pets her dog on the couch, creating a heartwarming bond between them.

Should I Allow Pets Renting to Travel Nurses

Alaska iceberg

Travel Nursing In Alaska

A group of friends laughing

How to Make Friends While Traveling

Hand signing a contract.

Extending a Contract

San Antonio

Best Neighborhoods for Travel Nurses in San Antonio, TX

A table with travel items on it

5 Items to Pack When Renting a Place Through Furnished Finder

Friends smiling over coffee

Best Things About Being a Travel Nurse

A stressed woman sits with her hand over her head while four co-workers gossip about her

The 8 Best Things About Being a Travel Nurse

A smiling nurse wearing a blue scrub suit.

Keeping a PRN/Per Diem

Seattle skyline

Why Seattle Attracts a Ton of Travel Nurses.

A woman peacefully sitting on a bench, enjoying the serene beauty of a sunset.

Traveling Nurse Resources

A woman peacefully sitting on a bench, enjoying the serene beauty of a sunset.

Resources for the Traveling Nurse

Sign for Reno, Nevada that reads "The Biggest Little City in the World"

Travel Nurse Must-Do's While Working in Reno, Nevada.


10 Travel Nurse Must-Haves (under $20) on Amazon

here's a service that will simplify your next travel nurse housing search

Furnished Finder Blue Pipes Feature

Wanderly - kayaker on the water

Wanderly for Travel Nurse Jobs

Blue map of the United States with some states highlighted in grey.

Extended Stay Hotels in these states are gearing up to accept more travel nurses thanks to the Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC)

Andrew Craig

Andrew Craig’s recent interview with the CEO of Furnished Finder.

Furnished Finder: A place for Travel Nurses and Property Owners.

Furnished Finder: A place for Travel Nurses and Property Owners.

A cozy living room with a comfortable couch, a stylish chair, and a matching ottoman.

Professional Real Estate Photos

Screen displaying location icon

Top 7 Considerations For Landlords Looking to Rent to Travel Nurses


Top US Cities for Travel Nurses

furnished finder website

Staffing Companies White Label Map

A man using a laptop

Housing request feature makes traveler's search for mid-term housing easier.

A man using a laptop

Housing requests make travelers search for short-term housing easier

A calendar with red push pins in a diagonal across the days Friday, Thursday, Wednesday, and Tuesday

iCal Travel Nurse Housing

A calendar with red push pins in a diagonal across the days Friday, Thursday, Wednesday, and Tuesday

Sync your Furnished Finder calendar with iCal

No Vrbo Fees

Alternative to VRBO & HomeAway

Credit score displayed on a laptop screen

The Hard Inquiry Dilemma

Man looking at laptop

Vacation Rental Owner Chooses Furnished Finder

Living room with brick walls, a sofa, a plant and a table.

Pet Friendly Furnished Housing

Orange couch and red armchair in living room

Travel Nurse Housing Expert-Tips and Tricks

Screenshot of the "List your property" form of Furnished Finder.

Furnished Finder Is Providing Property Owners with a New Model That Boasts Big Returns with Less Turn-Over!