April 30, 2018
Wanderly for Travel Nurse Jobs

Furnished Finder is where travel nurses go for short term furnished housing. Along with our sister-site, www.travelnursehousing.com, we’re all about helping travel nurses find affordable furnished rentals once they get hired. But there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes before they land on our site, and there’s one company that’s leading the way in travel nurse jobs. Wanderly.us.

Wanderly, a partner of Furnished Finder, has a unique approach of placing travel nurses with high-paying medical staffing companies. Their model solves the privacy problem that every travel nurse faces, and provides real value to our community of travel nurses.

Also, how frustrating is it when you have to fill out duplicate paperwork or do multiple skills assessments when searching for your next travel nursing assignment? Well, Wanderly has a solution for that too. Now you can keep all your credentialing documents in one place!

Wanderly gives the power back to the travel nurse by allowing them to shop different companies pay packages anonymously. The anonymous part is interesting and relevant for a few reasons.

1. It allows you to “window-shop” without damaging the relationship with your current recruiter.
2. It keeps your contact information private.
3. It ensures you’re not going to get hounded by countless recruiters.

Next time you’re looking for travel nurse jobs, check out https://www.wanderly.us/nurse. Oh, and be sure to ask them if you can get your own Wanda. (Wanda is their mascot...a stuffed pineapple of course!)


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